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Fri, Jun 14 2013 - 10:11 AM


You are not really LIVING if your life is full of worry. The just (saints of Jesus) shall LIVE by faith not by worry. The clouds of worry darken a pure heart and mind and blocks the blessings that should be YOURS BY FAITH. They sap you emotionally and even physically if you allow them to linger. Fight the good fight of FAITH. Cast off worry! Rebuke worry! Refuse worry! Run to Jesus and run away from worry! 


Receive deliverance from WORRY today! Speak to yourself the WORDS OF LIFE. Fill your mind with Godly thoughts. Pray in the Spirit and let your mind be stayed upon the Lord Jesus. 


This is my blessing to you, oh WORRIER. I leave you with abundance of peace for you to follow peace and LIVE AS THE JUST SHOULD LIVE. LIVE by FAITH which works by LOVE. Set your mind to do what the Lord is telling you to do today. Guard the words of your mouth and let blessings flow from it. SEEK TO BLESS those who the Lord sends you to bless today. 


Your answer is on the way. The thing that has been worrying you and weakening you will lift as broken up cloud. I have sent this blessing to you who are ready to receive it BY FAITH. I have DONE MY PART BY MAKING IT AVAILABLE. You do your part and receive by DOING WHATSOEVER the Spirit of the Lord REVEALS to you. He is with ME and He is with YOU! It SHALL BE DONE ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH. I have LOTS of FAITH for YOU! YOU are not just anybody or everybody but YOU are the ones MARKED by the Lord for this particular blessing.


In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be at PEACE! Be free from your enemy ---WORRY!


With love and peace to you.



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stephen0porter - 5 years ago

Interesting, thanks. Worry can make one too tired for righteous decision making.

revsuz - 5 years ago

Worry is evidence of lack of faith in God, therefore it is sin! Thanks for the blessing, Abdool.

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