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Mon, Jun 10 2013 - 12:50 AM

A Wonderful World: Enjoy It!

    I am grateful to God because He has given us such a wonderful planet to live in, and filled life with so many amazing things. Truly, it's a wonderful world!  I really want to encourage you to make time to enjoy yourself. Take time for you!  It's important to engage daily in activities that bring you joy. God doesn't want your life to only be about stress and strain! Yes, sometimes stress and strain are there, but we need to balance it with healthy, rewarding, enjoyable activities.

    The reason why many of us are so stressed out is that we are not making time for us. Even a little time alone, or doing something you enjoy, is rejuvenating and helpful.  We are asking the Lord for more peace, and we are asking the Lord for less stress, but we are not helping the Lord to answer these prayers, because we are not filling ourselves and our lives up with good things. So all the bad things are draining us, and we are not getting the proper nourishment we need to feel strong and replenished in life. It really does come down to our choices. It comes down to us. Are we going to make time for ourselves? To simply enjoy ourselves? For a few moments, to simply experience what we are passionate about, or do something that makes us happpy?  GOD WANTS YOU HAPPY!!!! God is interested in giving you the best life possible. But you need to receive it!

  You will remember what a truly wonderful world this is, and how incredibly special life is, when you spend more time engaging in activities that you love. Taking time for YOU will help you remember what a grand opportunity life is.  I hope you will hear this message, and get out of your own way!  Let the Lord answer your prayers for less stress and strain, by making time to experience activities that bring you peace, joy, and satisfaction(even if they seem silly, lol!). God bless you!  May the Lord fill your heart with all the peace, love, and joy that you are desiring!

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praizeop2 - 5 years ago

Amenti, I LOVED this!!! It is SO wonderful to hear your words of joy and encouragement when so many are whining and complaining! LOL You are precious my dear sister and I hope you will blog often. Blessings ~ Sarah

revsuz - 5 years ago

Amen, Amentinicole! So many of us really do work too hard and too long each day. I pray people will heed your good advice and to refresh themselves with fun. I pray they will take a time to be with the Lord each day, in Jesus' name, amen and amen. That includes you, too!

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