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Tue, May 28 2013 - 08:37 PM

A Revelation About The Manna From Heaven

Praise the Lord, another day has come and gone. I'm having a wonderful evening. I really have a powerful word to share with you, courtesy of Pastor Joseph Prince. This morning on his television broadcast he was talking about when the Israelites were in the wilderness, and how God gave them Manna from Heaven to eat. He made a very interesting point, which was this: The Manna was only supplied for the day. I remember reading about this in the Bible. You couldn't save the Manna. You couldn't hoard the Manna. You could only get your fill of it for the day. Then, more provision of Manna would come when it was needed, the next day.

  Pastor Prince gave me an excellent revelation today.  He was saying that God gives us all that we need each day, but He does not usually reveal to us the details of future Provision. God wants us to rely on Him totally, and be totally dependent on Him, in a good way! We can't do anything without God anyway! We might as well lean on Him, rely on Him, and not worry about tomorrow's Manna. Today's Manna is more than sufficient for us. The Lord said, " My Grace is sufficient."  Pastor Prince also said to remember how Jesus told us ,"Do not worry about tomorrow."  We must let tomorrow take care of itself.  The Lord said, " My yoke is easy, my burden is light." The yoke becomes heavy when you are carrying what you are not supposed to be carrying. Let God worry about the Future. He is a BIG GOD, perfectly suited to the task of managing our lives, and giving us "a hope and a future."

   I hope this word encourages you.  This revelation was really life- changing for me, and a confirmation of what God has recently been showing me about trusting Him, and walking by faith in Him and His power alone. God bless you all, and may you know the power of God's annointing in your life- the annointing that destroys every yoke, and sets us free from everything that would try to oppress us. I love you guys. Peace, and thanks for reading!

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praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Thanks, Amenti, for another encouraging word. I know I have said it before, but you are SUCH an encourager! PLEASE post more often. We (I) need to hear from you. I have been a Christian for a long, long time, but I still often try to carry the yoke by myself (or at least think about it). Fear enters in. I will read this over and over! Blessings ~ Sarah

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