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Thu, May 16 2013 - 09:52 PM

Letting God Use Our Life Experience

     God is good. We must forever settle that in our minds.  We are told in the Bible that God is love. We need to trust in that love.  Amidst the challenges that come, we can rest in the Love of God. We can know that Our Father has us safe in His arms and will never let us go! God is using the circumstances of our lives to perfect us. We need not be in a rush for this perfecting process to be over with. God is never in a hurry. His plan for our lives is full of enough goodness for us, whether we reach the promised land in a month, or ten years from now!

    We can't see into the future with any type of clarity. But we have a God who can!  He knows what the future holds, and He will get us there one step at a time. We won't arrive at our destination early, and we won't arrive late. We will arrive at the perfect time. And best of all, the end result will bring God Glory!  Each experience is molding us and shaping us, and through these experiences God is molding us into the vessel that He would have us be; a vessel that will enable the most of His transforming power and light to shine through.  We are not just here for ourselves. Somebody needs our lesson! We'll learn it for them, and then take it to the Body of Christ, so that the whole body may benefit and be exalted for God's Glory. We are all vitally important to the work of Christ!! It is the nuggets of wisdom that we acquire through life experience that are of most benefit to Christians and the work of the Lord.

    Be encouraged to know that the Lord loves you, He has not forgotten about you, and He is going to use this experience you are going through for your good and the good of everyone in the world. Be patient, and remember that Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes God is just working out the fruit of Patience in us.  God wants us to be fruitful, and this is one area where He really asks us to let Him have His way. Every day is a gift. Focus on the positive things that happen each day, and just keep taking steps in the right direction. With God on your side, you can't lose! Thanks so much for reading, and I always enjoy reading your comments. God bless you, children of the Most High God!!!!


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revsuz - 6 years ago

God bless you, Amenti,

Yes, we have an amazing living God who can do all things. We need more messages like your that encourage and uplift us in Christ.


gloriousdays - 6 years ago

Hi Amenti,
This is sooo packed with the sweetness of our heavenly Father's love for us. This stood out to me, "We are all vitally important to the work of Christ!!" That is in the third paragraph second to last sentence. The other, going up a little, is "Somebody needs our lesson!" When I read that I thought, yes, somebody need salt and light. What would they do without salt and light?

The Lord bless you and grant you those desires that are in His will for you.


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