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Sat, May 04 2013 - 11:36 PM

Hold On To God!!!!

    Sometimes, the enemy of our soul will catch us off guard. Recently, I took a big step of faith and trusted God. Then, the enemy came rushing in like a flood. I'm doing my best to believe God, but honestly, I really wasn't expecting these challenges that have presented themselves.However, I know that God is faithful. I know it is impossible for God to lie. All His promises are true. So if trouble has come, I know that God is aware, and He is still on the throne.

    I want to encourage you to cling to God, and hold on to God- no matter what winds may be blowing right now. Remember, the disciples were panicked in the storm, and Jesus was in the boat sleeping!  The storm didn't concern the Lord. He wasn't even worried about it! Then, when the disciples woke him up,  he rebuked the winds and the rain, and there was peace! There was calm! This illustrates that our storms are no match for God!!  I am so grateful for that. God has never let me down. Things may have been hard, and I may have been going through many trials- but I can honestly say that God has been more than faithful. He has been Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider, in all ways.

    I stepped out in faith, and the devil attacked me. But I am standing on the word. I want to encourage you to do the same! Hold on to God!!!! No matter what you are going through, stand your ground. Stand on the promises that God has given us in His word.  Trust in Him, in quiet confidence. Let the Holy Spirit be your Comforter, and receive the ministering of the angels. God never leaves us comfortless. Throughout His word, He speaks comfort and peace to His children. We are in His hand. We are under the shadow of His wings.  No weapon formed against us can prosper. In Jesus, we have our daily bread. He is the Bread of Life, the Heavenly Manna. We shall never hunger. He has promised that living waters shall flow out of our belly- we shall never thirst.

    I pray these words have encouraged you to trust in the Lord with all your heart, and hold tight to Him. He promises to work everything out for our good, because we love Him. Sometimes it's hard to believe that promise, but our God is more than able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything we could ask or think!! So let's stand on God's promises, and just receive into our spirits that we are more than conquerors, and that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus! We CAN do all things, through Christ Jesus who gives us strength! God bless you all, and may the blessings of God pour into your life! Receive them today!!!!

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revsuz - 6 years ago

Well said, Amenti. It is encouraging to hear God's Word. He is always on our side and we can count on Him to see us through it all.

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Ah, Amenti... what a WONDERFULLY encouraging blog! Thank you SO much for posting this. I know many read and do not comment, so I believe it will encourage many. And should YOU get discouraged, read it again!!! Sometimes our best encouragement can be our own writings. :) One trick that I have to keep me from getting discouraged, is to only think on today. I only need to get through today. That makes obsticles much smaller. :) Thank you for being here, Amenti. Blessings ~ Sarah

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