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Sun, Apr 14 2013 - 02:59 PM

When Is Jesus Coming?

 Maybe in Our Lifetimes

I have wondered about the time of His coming for most of my life. Growing up in an old-fashioned Pentecostal home, my mother knew all the scriptures concerning holiness, sanctification, and righteousness in God’s eyes. Every time we went to church there was an overpowering presence of the Lord in the service. It was really unusual for the Lord NOT to be there. We all knew that His coming was soon.

Times such as what I grew up in are coming to an end. Serving God wholeheartedly for the most part is a thing of the past. Being a good member of a popular church is becoming more politically expedient—certainly attending a large church that is in the political center of everything will advance your cause. Right? And now we have social media such as YouTube and Facebook to advance our cause.

But are we losing the knowledge of a personal God? Most churches today have no sense of revival. Where is the outpouring of the Spirit such as was experienced in the 1960s and 1970s with the charismatic movement? Have we gone beyond that in a negative sense? Especially with all the questions about life and the reality of God that began to emerge in the 1980s.

After leaving Egypt, Israel came to the base of the mountain, where Moses was to go up to meet with God and receive the Law. Even while Moses was up on the mountain with God, the people below turned to idols—the golden calf.

Then as now, we cannot serve God and play with the things of the world and darkness. Just as Israel had to turn back to God in repentance, so must we. The most effective revivals that are now reaching others have 2 Chronicles 7:14 as their foundation. As we see from the Israelites, repentance is necessary.

From the time the Israelites worshipped the golden calf, there was a pronounced separation between them and God. Yes, there were times of repentance and turning back to God, but go through your Bible and see what Israel endured when they turned from God.

The seed of hate began to grow and bear fruit among the world against Israel. This was the stage that was set at the time of the birth of Jesus—His first coming, and it is the stage that we are living now as we live in the time of His second coming.

Today people are falling away from their faith because they are not seeing instantaneous answers to their prayers. Others are leaving the faith because they simply refuse to be told no or what to do.

The apostle John gave us in his first epistle a complete guide to prayer, including repenting and asking forgiveness for any wrongdoing. It all begins with the condition of the heart.

Look at what we have been experiencing in this country: a great falling away from the faith and from the church and the denial of Christ’s life and deity. As a result of these two happenings, we are seeing a “softening” of the Gospel message, preaching “pleasing” messages to the masses, with an increasing acceptance of sin in all forms, including homosexuality and abortion. Many pastors are preaching a “social” gospel—but will a social gospel keep anyone from the flames of hell?

What will we believe—the Bible or man?

The Bible tells us that in Christ is all authority, all power, and the riches of glory. In His presence all needs are supplied. But too many reject God and His Word, turning their backs and walking away.

I can remember my parents crying and begging me not to quit on God whenever I was going through a struggle and was ready to give up. Today I battle sickness and pain constantly, a plague that has been trying to get me to give up for several years. But because of God’s presence and His Word, I am restored.

Atheists like to try to validate their belief that there is no God by saying Jesus was a myth…a man…a legend…but not God. But how many times does the New Testament tell us that this would happen…how many times did the scribes and Pharisees mock and deny His deity? Yet today time sustains Him…history proclaims Him. Even the catacombs of Rome support His deity. The walls of the catacombs under the city of Rome have drawings of the dead being raised, the sick being healed, and ministry being sent forth. Man may deny Him, but the words of Scripture and testimonies of believers validate Him.

We are now living in the time of His return. The prophet Ezekiel tells us that men would dispute His return, but the Spirit of the living God leaves us no doubt that His return would be a quick work. If you read Ezekiel 12:24, Matthew 24:48, and Romans 9:28, you will see that the Hebrew word for work and the Greek word for word have the same definition.

We are living in the dispensations, or periods, mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Let’s be ready!

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revsuz - 6 years ago

Good article, Pastor. Wish more people would truly turn to Jesus with their hearts, not just their minds.



gloriousdays - 6 years ago

Very good observations of the times Pastor Jim.

With love and peace.