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Fri, Aug 19 2005 - 05:52 PM

Freedom to socialize.

Well, I started a club on Praize yesterday. Those who post in atheist debate, and who don't want to intrude into areas where christians debate and socialize felt kind of like the odd man out. We are in a debate area, and getting off topic to socialize is not debate. So now we have a bare bones club in which we can meet. It will be as religion neutral as we can make it, so anyone can apply to join our conversation, as long as they adhere to the religion neutral rules. This site is my social life, my continuing education, my personal growth place, my brain stretching site. I know I should, as my cardiologist says, get my butt back on the treadmill...and I should, but it is also important for me to be here debating, conversing, that a word?...also getting in touch with ...I can't believe I am going to say this!! feelings. Getting in touch with my feelings...oh boy...sometimes you can think all you want to, but unless you write it down and share it with someone it real, is it meaningful and important? Still...I gotta get back on the treadmill and drop some pounds.
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Jeanne - 13 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement, Corinna. Come by the club and check us out. Maybe you would like to join us for conversation.

Corina - 13 years ago

I'm doing wonderfully Jeanne. God is looking after me. He is faithful(even if we always aren't) *wink* <BR> <BR>As for your health situation ~ Keep trudging on! You'll eventually meet your goal if you don't give up on it!*Smile* <BR> <BR>*Hugs* being sent your way. Bye. <BR> <BR>

Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hi Corina, and good health to you. <BR> <BR>I was wondering how you are doing too. <BR> <BR>Ah, the mid-life weight gain thing helped along by weight gain from specific meds...oh boy... <BR> <BR>Not too bad, though, 10..20 pounds if I am lucky or dilligent. My LDL is up too high, so I am looking at meds for that plus some diet change, but it has been borderline for a decade. <BR> <BR>The world is both getting better and getting worse. Humanity is making progress and humanity is preventing progress. The progressors (?) need to keep at it. Those who prevent good progress need to be eliminated. <BR> <BR>Anywhere you look, you can find both situations, and both types of people. <BR> <BR>I have a lot of hope in humanity...we are going to make it work...eventually. <BR> <BR>Thanks for posting.

Corina - 13 years ago

I know it's been a long time since I visited... <BR> <BR>sounds like you've been longing for some interaction...You've been in my thoughts alot lately. <BR> <BR>so what's going on in the world? <BR>My theory: It's deteriorating, because of alot of things...and it's taking it's natural course, as the BIBLE told us about. <BR> <BR>...Don't mean to preach. I actually only popped into say Hi, cause I was wondering how you're doing. <BR> <BR>Good Luck with the weight thing. That can be a real struggle to battle. <BR> <BR>Praying for you. <BR>Corina.

Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hey steelman. We who post there just needed a place to socialize with our theist friends AND our atheist friends. <BR> <BR>It is religion neutral because I do not want prosetylizing, praying, or insults from anybody to anybody. <BR> <BR>Just casual conversation and discussion of current events (no debates) among friends. <BR> <BR>That means anybody...hindu, wiccan, muslim, atheist, christian, catholic, LDS, JWs, jew, odinist, deist, agnostic theist, budhist, mithran, shintoist....anybody can come and join if they will do their best to leave their religion out of the conversation. <BR> <BR>Is that a bit clearer? <BR> <BR>I mean we are all human, some parents, some single, some young, some old (some older than dirt) city dwellers, farm folk, book lovers, music nuts, movie zombies....and not currently living in a we know what is going on in the world. <BR> <BR>And we want to talk with each other...and we can't do that in debate forums. <BR> <BR>

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