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Fri, Mar 15 2013 - 01:31 PM


The next period I want to deal with is the _1960"s throught the 70"s 

THIS WAS A CURIOUS STAGE FOR ME BECAUSE OF ALL THAT WAS HAPPENING. The rebellious times in the middle east were just beginning and the times of rebellion in America were making national headlines. The ungodly displays at the presidential conventions in Chicago during the sixties were unreal. The public display of Nixon's eratic character were completely unsettling to the US. The Afro-American terrorist  groups were getting news everywhere.

The world basically got a view of the character of hell as the devil in all reality began to show himself through people.

In the church family there was no growth in the young up to and including the age of twenty for most part. For this the post war baby group discipline at the best was a lot of do like I say do not like I do. Through the lack of mentoring (modeling)  a generation that 70% of didn't have a personal relationship with heaven was now in place.

I remember going to church and it was full of those 35 and older because the young were not getting a gospel geared for them and they had no real image of the Lord. Yet today the children and grandchildren of post war generation are saved and know Jesus and many are filled with the Holy Spirirt. They prayed for kids to be saved and in many places pray for the sick and miracles occur.

What happened here? The kids seemed to grasp and understand some truth at their age that I had,had no time for. Some where in the early 60's I finally began to understand my mother didn't know how to communicate this gospel to me when I came in one night around three in the morning and I heard my mother crying out to God for my salvation. I broke down silently there in the living room and went quickly to my room before I was discovered. Iwas so weak I couldn't stand and fell to my floor on the rug and began to talk to a God I could not see and had not known. In a few moments I heard him speak to me in the stillest quietess voice imaginable as He spoke about his love for me and what would happen if I ask him to be Lord and savior of my life.

By daylight as the Lord took me through many things that were to come I understood why he could speak to me and it easy because my parents had publically dedicated me to him and kept me until this day when my mother prayed.

Here became the crux of this for me as my relationship with the Lord began;1) How do you have a realtionship with a God you can't see or feel? 2) How do you know his direction for you?

Here is the first thing you find out about how your mind is constructed and its relationship to the physical in things of this world and things of Jesus  that are just a little beyond that.

The first thing in this section is the church and the steady cold relation most works began to have with the Lord in the close of the of this century. History would repeat itself time and again the world over as natural, and unexplained disastors began to occur. The 1967 war between the Paleastinians and Israel was one of the periods when churchs the world over became full of people getting right with God The storms, volcanos, hurricanes and other collamities filled the churches but only till people were sure it was over and then all returned to normal.

 The Bible said in the end the Love and devotions of many would wax cold.Man became to busy for Sunday night service any more and most churches closed on Sunday evening. Strange most of the groups thought to be off the center grew larger in this period.

I hope you understand Iam using my life in this as a meauring stick where applicable for a look at what is going on.

Inthenext section we will look at what is going on right now as God'stime clock draws to end for earth and his church.


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praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Your life is the only measuring stick that you have. Isn't it interesting that we all have different measuring sticks... yet I suspect most are similar. :) Blessings ~ Sarah