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Mon, Mar 11 2013 - 01:32 PM

Is He (Christ) Really Coming in my Lifetime???

The earliest church timesI can remember in my lifetime are in the early 1950's and twice a month the Coming of the Lord was taught. Every sunday some body got saved and i looked for the longest to see what they were saved from.  I didn't really see it for years. In the middle to late 50's of the twentieth century,the problem in Lebanon occured and Eisenhower sent troops there to settle the issue.

Meantime all over the world in every church all you could here was he is coming. I made the mistake of asking Dad,who's cominmg?,  in a service just loud enough for everyone around me to hear. Dad gave me such a pop and everyone heard that too. We ended up outside, while I cried real loud to teach dad a lesson and he didn't learn to well back then because he popped me again and I got quiet because I didn't think I could take another one.

During those years they talked about the Holy Spirit and all sorts of heavenly things tht I didn't understand. In church I saw people healed and they cried and praized the Lord. People got saved in every service when the Pastor just about preached himself hoarse and people shouted and praised the Lord because they were changed. They Looked the same to me but I just forgot about it because questioning my Dad was not safe so I just waited to get an answer.

In the 1960's  Dad retired from the military and in the interim after close to 1000 or more people, my mom had praying for Dad he quietly accepted the Lord one night when he and I were home alone. That night I saw what people meant about the change when people got saved because I saw it happen in my dad.

When we went to church the next Sunday, Dad slipped Mom a bag and said go put it on the Pastor's desk. It had all his smoking supplies and a note to the Pastor explaining what happened.

That night the pastor asked Dad to testify and Mom didn't know. Well while dad was starting to testify my mother screamed and fainted but everyone said the power hit her, she was out but seemingly praying in some language. I thought whoever this Holy Spirit was he sure had a goood right hook.

Well our whole home scene changed and now i understood this change thing even more. There is a word that defines it well ---SANCTIFICATION. THAT WORD MEANS SEPARATION FROM THE WORLD AND ITS DESTRUCTIONS.

In the next blog I will write some about the move of God in the 60' and 70's and the falling away after that to the present period. We see how the coming time of the Lord is going to be quick and those that will see him must be ready.


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roundtable - 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing your childhood memories.

gloriousdays - 6 years ago

Hi Pastor Jim,

glad to see you back and getting some action.

This post really made me rejoice.


praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Enjoyed reading this, Jim! Blessings ~ Sarah