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Fri, Mar 08 2013 - 04:12 PM

The White Ship


Estonia is considered one of the most secular countries in Europe, if not the most secular. After 1991 and Estonian independence there was a brief interest in getting baptised and becoming a Christian. This decision however, was tied in with receiving a relief package from the church involved in the neighborhood; so the message and meaning of the gospel essentially got lost in the shuffle.


Even though the capital city has some breathtaking churches that have been around a long time, interest in Christianity has started to decline, rapidly. Some people have started to go back to nature worship as was the case before the arrival of the Teutonic knights. From the reports I've heard Christians are now scattered salt and pepper fashion throughout Estonia.


Estonian society has changed significantly after 50 years of communism and 20+ years of freedom.


Before the Second world war Christian churches had a definate presence in Estonia. The Lutheran church and a more serious branch called the Lutheran Brothers fellowship were the prevalent groups but the Baptists also had a strong following. Even in those days more and more people were starting to fall away from the faith. With success came preoccupation with wealth and an attitude that God wasn't needed anymore. But wait a minute. Wasn't this the Dirty Thirties and the time of the Great Depression? The Great Depression never really showed its face in Estonia. They had boom time during the 1930s."You must mean the 1950s". No I mean the 1930s. Estonia had full employment forcing them to hire laborers from Poland. "What planet are you from? Europe was in chaos during the 30s". Read Marion Foster Washburne's book "A Search for a Happy Country" (1940 US available at But financial success can be deceiving. Having money in your pocket does not make some one a superman. Laodicea was an economic powerhouse when John was on the Isle of Patmos. But to be honest, I don't think I would have ever heard of Laodicea had they not been mentioned in The Book of Revelation".


Revelation 3: parts of 17 and 18 word spoken by Jesus:


"Because thou sayest , I am rich, and increased with goods and have need of nothing ... I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich".




As the Bible says diligence is of great value, but if people forget their maker Satan is more than willing to move in and throw a spanner in the works. On top of that you have to consider if God will also take punitive action. Will the action be constructive as reprimanding a son or daughter or will it be destructive? Or will it be a combination of both like the Babylonian captivity of Israel?


And most people probably have not heard of pre war Estonia. Marion Foster Washburne's book will keep the memory alive a little longer of the civility and prosperity of that small country. But in an evil world only God can save Estonia.


So where is all this going?


It wasn't too long ago that Estonians used to refer to America as the White Ship. The one who would come and save them from Communism and the Soviet Union. The White Ship that would bring freedom and many other good things.


Independence was won a little differently through events like the Singing Revolution and the Baltic Chain. However the American Senate played a decidedly important role by recognizing the independence of Estonia early on.


What Estonia needs more than anything now is the Bible. Everyone there has basic access to it but generally speaking the Bible is ignored.


Simply put, Estonians may just listen to some American missionaries coming to their country.


They still have a love for America, (they have fought alongside British troops in Afghanistan) albeit with a small force and many Estonians like the old West genre.


But time may be running out. Franklin Graham was in Estonia and he converted some people.


I'm hoping a new window will emerge now, and other countries that have drifted into materialism and self actualization will temper their technologic with spiritual wisdom.


So if you are a pastor in a church that is still considering where to send your missionaries (if you have missionaries) I hope you'll consider Estonia.



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praizeop2 - 5 years ago

This was very informative. Thank you for posting it. Blessings ~ Sarah