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Sat, Mar 02 2013 - 08:28 AM


First I want to thank my Jesus for those He healed this past week. Yes, He healed m7th, but also another friend who had a heart attack and was out of the hospital in just two days. He is an awesome God. And He answers prayers.

I want to also thank Him for the strength that He gave me this week as we made another move. He has given me a full life and blessings beyond belief. He is faithful to provide, to care for, and to answer prayers. I am grateful that He saved me so that I can turn to Him in every time of need.

Like last night. My granddaughter, Hannah, was baptized two weeks ago. Her parents gave her a sterling silver ring that had angels all around. Last night she took it off to take a shower, and afterward was unable to find it, though she looked thoroughly. Naturally she was in tears, so I went to her room and sat down on the bed and prayed with her, including binding the enemy. She went back into the bathroom and there she saw the ring on the closet floor. Thank You, Jesus for answering our prayers and for the opportunity to teach my precious child.


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Probiblos1948 - 6 years ago

Love it. A excellent example of how God works in our lives.

aloha53 - 6 years ago

Glad to hear about our friend Jim, also thank you for the Birthday greeting. Happy to hear that God continues to bless you and your family. AMEN.

test70 - 6 years ago

Amen. God is always in control even when we are out of control.

jesuslives2 - 6 years ago

wow this is the type of encouragement i needed i was so much in doubt tonight i read this and my doubt left thank you

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