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Sun, Feb 24 2013 - 11:46 PM

Life is a Public Bus

Some time ago, I was afforded the honor of giving the eulogy for a man that I respected, a man that had lived a rich and godly life.  As I pondered the many avenues of thought for which to begin writing my speech, I found it extremely difficult to coalesce all of the free flowing ideas and source material that were at my disposal.  With time running out and after several days of wrestling with it, finally in the wee hours of the night divine inspiration overtook me; and I was enabled to complete my speech!  Among other things that I wrote and did later speak at the memorial service, I made a simple analogy of this man’s life as being characteristically similar to that of a public bus.  Later, as I reflected on what had been spoken, it did occur to me that ALL life bears that distinction! 

Consider for a moment that just as a public bus is mobile, so is life.  It does not travel the way of streets and highways that bear identifiable names, but it moves progressively through time via the unchartered terrain of hope and uncertainty; which encompasses sprawling mountains of trouble, deep valleys of despair, and blinding curbs into the unknown.  And like a public bus, life, also, has its assigned route and scheduled pick-ups, to which an array of colorful characters are welcomed and allowed passage.  As each board, they will bring with them various carry on items that will affect the quality of the ride.  Some will bring on board joy and laughter.  Some will bring on board peace and clarity. Some will bring on board pain and chaos.  And then others, although in fewer numbers, will only bring on board a life unconditional love.  Just as the holder of a proverbial ‘piece of a puzzle’ can only see the picture from the prospective of the piece that he possesses, each passenger of a life is only afforded his or her individual view of someone’s life from the vantage point of where it was boarded; and as with a puzzle, only with a full accounting of all the pieces can such a picture of a life be rendered in its entirety. Throughout its seasons, passengers will board and disembark from a person’s life at different intersections and at different times. And when that life eventually goes out of service, it can only be hoped that those who for a time chose to ride on it or those that did remain on board throughout its journey, will be able to attest to the ride as being one that is worthy of remembrance!


“Life is a journey, enriched by the enjoyment of those that you choose to take along for the ride; and it matters not the length of the journey, but the quality of the experience shared!”

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praizeop2 - 5 years ago

I totally enjoyed this blog and hope you will write many more. It would also be great if you would participate in the forums. Blessings ~ Sarah

revsuz - 5 years ago

Shakespirit, this was beautifully said. Sure gives a new perspective of the people who enter and leave our lives. Next stop...

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