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Sat, Jan 12 2013 - 09:29 PM

The Greatest Sacrifice!

History reveals that there are many people who fought for their nation for freedom

For rights and for rule. There is also evidence of such religions who invited other religions to accept

Them or else they would face the battle. Such incidents took life of many people children and destroyed

Great nations and wealth around the globe in the past decades.

There is no such example like Christ who suffered and gives His own life peacefully without letting His

Disciples or followers to suffer because of Him. Even though He knows the pain but He never shown

Aggressiveness or arranged for war but offered Himself to be tortured.

 This is called the greatest sacrifice. This is called the greatest love and this is called the greatest

Tolerance practice by Jesus Christ for human beings. Just one individual suffered for everyone

With great owner and secured lives on the earth. Such  a great example of obedience for us .

Today when we say we are free to choose our ways towards good and bad and worldly matters

We should first understand that it’s a great privilege and God plan that we born as Christian and

Receive baptism to be a Christian, a faith that reminds us about the great sacrifice Jesus Christ

Given for us. That means we have been chosen by the blood of the Christ to live the life free from

Sin and  according to the doctrines and principles of the Holy bible.  Oh ! I understand its bit difficult

To overcome all these temptations  (read ten commandments)  and  sins satan use to distract us from

God. But this is not comparable to the sacrifice Jesus made for us to safe us from all sins.

Lets pray and try to live a sin free life to be the children of God and value the great sacrifice Jesus Christ

Made for Us.


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praizeop2 - 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this encouraging post. People from all over the world need to be encouraged these days to stay closer to the Lord. Blessings ~ Sarah

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