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Sun, Nov 04 2012 - 08:36 PM

End Of The Line!

After seven years of giving away my music on my own website, I have finally decided to pull the pin on it. I still want to give my music away without charge because that is one way that I can continue to share "The Message" of what's on my heart with people all over the world and I think that an "Online" website is still the best way to go about it...

But I'm not really happy with the current structure of the website and being that I'm "Jobless" at the momment, it would take a fair while for me to give the website the "overhaul" that it really needs to make it more modern and up to date. Plus my own ideas about what the website could have become have changed a lot since I first put it all online, so I think it's time to start fresh...

So after the 26th of November 2012 will be no more. Although my own personal pages for all of my albums will still be online for a little while after that time. If I do put togeather a "New" website of my own it will most likely be useing a totally new web address. I do have a few ideas about that. I'll let you all know as time goes by...

I would like to take a momment here to thank "Melbourne Life Christian Church" for the use of the church "Server" over the past seven years. Without this kind of help I would not have personally been able to fund the ability to have "Free downloads" on my site from my own pocket...


Lenard A Ashton.

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About: Hi. I'm a "Melbourne Lifer" who's about fourteen years old in the Lord. I play Bass and Guitar in our worship team at Church and write songs in my own time.

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