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Sun, Oct 28 2012 - 12:12 AM



                          YOUR WORDS AND WHAT THEY MEAN

                            TO YOUR FUTURE

I want to center on a time in the late 50’s and early 60’s, the end of the Eisenhower presidency and the coming of Kennedy.  The republicans of this time rolled out every fabrication you could think of in using the Catholic faith against the Kennedy’s. To the kids of my age in the earliest teen years, it was producing nothing but confusion. At home you heard the emotional outbursts against what the government said and in school the unchanging teaching I received in American history and government that seemed to contradict everything I heard. We as students had to hold onto what seemed right.

My mother saw nuns everywhere and personally prayed over me every day before school to eviction and cast those catholic spirits before they laid a hand on me. It was my first experience in going through a spiritual eviction of non-existent spirits. Catholism as a Faith was demonized by every Pentecostal believer in sight never once realizing that making the Catholic faith the national religion would take a major rewrite of the constitution.

Romney in a smaller sense is in a similar situation. If he wins the white house, the Mormon faith he lives by won’t be brought out of the living quarters of the house he rents for the next four years. He can’t by law introduce it into Government proceeding.

In the Kennedy years one thing we found out was that if it had not been for his strong will, the Cuban situation might have been a war of the ages between the US and Russia.

We found out what united prayer would do then as most of America began to pray.

My dad nearing twenty years of duty in the inactive reserve since WW2 was notified to be ready for a call up to support duty if conflict should occur. We had just settled in Central Florida and Cuba was a little than a hundred miles away. Prayer networks across the country and round the world began prayer times and history records what happened. Mother sat to work getting her prayer group to work and shortly answers came.

My mother was satisfied two miracles had occurred my dad didn’t have to go back to the military and he was now saved and spirit filled.

In my life time I have seen too much and faced to many bad situations to know that an answer is just a knee away. There are many long miles behind me and heaven is now just a breath away and the enemy of my soul has nothing that he can hold over me because my home is ready in heaven waiting on the call of the Lord.

Now then there are Christians in name only who go around swearing to the force of becoming Mormon if Romney is elected and men on bicycles in white shirts and little black ties going around converting the world, shades of those nuns of the 60’s.

A history teacher of mine repeated this so often that I could hear it in my sleep; and it was that history will repeat itself and it does in one form or another.

I listen as one camp or the other republican or democrat spouts one lie after the other with just enough truth in it to catch your attention and make it believable.

The old story about O’bama’s  birth certificate being fake and him being Muslim is going round again and it has been disproved so many times it doesn’t deserve attention. Still people believe it. Listen folks I was in Washington and met Nixon in the office when he was VP and know the security scrutiny you go through to get in the building much less work there.

Right now I am more concerned about believer’s who continually confess the worse and swear to it in their hearts essentially a lie and soon that lie could lead to their destruction.

Follow me now; In the garden when the time of deception came the serpent went to Eve who received the word of the Lord from her husband (secondhand)  a little truth couched in deception fell into sin and then convinced Adam who had God’s word  firsthand to sin also and the garden was lost to them. Is the kingdom going to be lost to you because of loss of the truth of the word? You have to hold on to all the truth of the word of God.

  You have to be careful what you allow your mouth to confess be because they become the revelation of the secrets of your heart.


For with the heart a person believes (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Christ) and so is justified (declared righteous, acceptable to God), and with the mouth he confesses (declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) and confirms [his] salvation.

The things you confess can quickly become your reality

If there is one truth it is the power God releases in prayer and be it Republican or Democrat his heart will be controlled by a praying church in one mind and accord.

The future is now falling into the hands of God’s people one way or another and the house with the blood on the posts will be missed by the destruction that is coming.  REMEMBER GOSHEN!

People this drought in  half of the country will continue through the first of the year. Food prices unless you buy in bulk are already beginning to reflect it.

Keep prayer alive in your house it works. Take communion once a week in your family.

Survival is on your knees with your heart open to the Lord!





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m7th - 6 years ago

Over the next short period of time be careful to watch your words and speak the word of God into every possible situation. Journal every confession of the word you make and journal every time the word is fulfilled!!!!!