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Mon, Oct 15 2012 - 11:03 PM

Are Not We Accountable to God and to Men if we do not.....

God's Saints,

I serve the Lord Jesus in India, where 120 billion and more live. How ever only 5-6% are Christians of all kind, and we as Christians have lot of responsibilities in taking the Gospel to the perishing Souls. The Lord has hundreds and thousands of missions agencies who are doing there best to do the task. Christianity in India is still considered as a "White man's Religion", and to the un-touchables and lower caste people. No foreign missionaries are allowed in India and foreign donation to Indian churches and agencies are stopped, fearing that that will be used to convert the whole India to Christianity, which of course if not the method by which the LORD WINS A SOUL. The freedom to preach the gospel in villages and cities are opposed severely. Burning down of churches, raping of nuns, killing pastors and missionaries in various states of India is very well known to all of us. Our western brothers and sisters must understand that it is not as easy as in the west for a christian and for a new convert to exist and practice our faith. 

When a non christian joins a church, he/she is cut off from the family and community attachment. None will engage them for any work. They can not draw water from a public well or a tap. No one will marry their kids. And if they die, they can not be buried in the community cemetery. And in the new church they joined they face various issues of caste, status issues, rich and poor issues etc..

There are huge "Main-Line churches" mostly they were established by foreign Missionaries. They have entrusted large properties, buildings, schools, hospitals. Millions of Rupees are bucketed from this resources. The most educated pastors and scholars occupy the seat. It is true that there is good music, sound preaching and other social activities but no time to "GO TO THE LOST" and preach the gospel. It is below their reputation to suffer opposition and persecution. And most of them have no time. The testimony of pastors and bishops, the fights for positions and possession, and court cases, divisions stink so high that we are criticized and mocked.

Who then can evangelize the lost? IT IS THE NEW FOUND HOUSE CHURCHES AND  small Independent churches and missionary movements. The staunch faith and live testimony of a hindu man and a woman in a community can win more souls, than we preach 100 sermons. And this is true and Bethel is engaged in pioneering and planting churches in villages and people groups.

I CAN NOT DO IT ALL ALONE AND THE TIME LEFT IS VERY LITTLE WITH A VERY HUGE TASK LEFT.  Here is an open challenge for you from the HOLY SPIRIT, to you. Can you be a part of God's eternal program? Will you pray for India and the work we do here? Will you send missionaries and pastors to villages? Bethel is in "Birth Pangs" with un ending needs. Will you extend support? Will you become a partner with Bethel? Will you kindly consider promoting Bethel?

I want to hear from you, either here (or) to my email And if you need more details, I will gladly send it to you.

May the Grace of God the Father, be with you.



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praizeop2 - 5 years ago

I was blessed by your blog. My husband and I acquired Praze 2.5 years ago, and your situation is exactly why we do what we do here. There are many, many people in the eastern part of the world that cannot be taught about Jesus. The only way they can learn how great our God is is to see a site like Praize on line. While we are having to trust in our Father to continue Praize financially, we would ask you to participate on Praize and send others to participate also. We MUST work together in these last days. Blessings ~ Sarah

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Name: bcmindia

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About: I am the Founder Director and the senior pastor of Bethel ministries in South India. The Lord called me and my family to go to people who live in villages, never ever had the opportunity of hearing the good news of the kingdom or the name of jesus. These villages have many people groups, like "Mudaliars", "Chetiyars" "Vellalas" " Vanniyar", Kurumbans' and 'kurumbas" "Irulas the tribals", to name some. *80% of them live below poverty line. The literacy is only 20% and the rain fall is 12%. In the Last few years we were able to plant many rural churches where the native pastors are serving faithfully, with many hardships and desperate needs. Bethel is a "TRUST WORTHY", accountability oriented and a tax-exempted national NGO. For the last 14 years Bethel is fulfilling the following Missions and ministries: 1. Evangelism to villages. 2. Church Planting. 3. Pastor's Training & ordination. 4. Uniting the Independent Churches under 1 umbrella for fellowship, unity and for active disciple making and evangelism efforts. 5. Residential Camps for children and youth. 6. Orphanage 7. Vocational Training for the development of community. Bethel is a faith mission, totally dependent upon the Lord and His people for all our small and great needs. We depend upon the Prayers of God's people. I appeal to you in the name of Jesus Christ to assist us and extend partnership. Visit Our web-site and sign our gust book. Introduce us to youth community, family and friends. Volunteer with us. Rev.Dass.T Director

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