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Mon, Sep 17 2012 - 06:33 PM

“There are no absolutes.” Or so they say Part IV by Jane at The Elizabeth Company

Today's blog is Part Four, the final entry in a of a series titled "There Are No Absolutes" addressing one of the overall mindsets of  young people (Gen Y). Part I named the five distinct "generations" and the keywords that briefly describe the prevalent mindset of each. Part II zeroed in on Gen Y in an attempt to understand and answer the original question, as stated below. Part III attempted to examine the cause and effect relationship that Y Generation has with the generations preceding it. Part IV presents a solution to the problem of young people's unbelief in biblical absolutes. Feedback is welcomed.


All of the preceding blogs were written to lay background and foundation for my friend, the pastor’s wife with whom I was sharing a meal. The answer to the question - how to get young people in church and motivated to stay lies in one simple word: Consistency. Individual Christians, people whose lives are not perfect, can still have a positive impact and effect on Gen Y. We do this by being faithful in prayer, in church attendance, in exemplifying forgiveness and the fruit of the Spirit, and being a light in our families and our communities. Young people who have known us since before they were old enough to talk still need the stability that faithful Christianity provides.

It is also evident that Gen Y is represented well in the body of Christ. They have faith, they have a walk with God, they have strong youth groups and strong voices for Christ. They may have their struggle with staying focused sometimes, just like the rest of us. But it is always so refreshing to us older heads to see young people living out their Christianity.

Not long ago, I dug up statistics and data about the five different age groups that existed in two different communities in which Lifeway Ministries has influence. After presenting the stats of the prevalent age group in each community and what was the mindset of each generation, I showed the audience exactly what I thought about the information I’d just presented by ripping the paper to pieces in front of them. Why? Because the church is sent to reach the lost no matter the age. We should not segregate based on race, gender or age. When Christ took his last breath on the cross, the curtain in the temple that hid the presence of God was torn down the middle. Now, not only could the high priest come into his presence, but anyone of any age. When we knock down the mindset of generational gaps in the body of Christ, we are fulfilling Romans 12:2 by not being conformed to a worldly mindset. Our mindsets are renewed in godliness.

It is when unbelieving Gen Y-ers and unbelievers of any age see the Church standing faithful and true and in unity with one another that they see what Christ died for. They will see that his church is his body on earth, absolutely. There is power and life in faithfulness (consistency).

How do we get young people in church and keep them motivated? Refute the mindset that there are no absolutes with our lives, not just our lips. Be the absolute. So that when the flimsy foundations begin to crumble (and they will crumble), all people will be able to turn to the Solid Rock, because Jesus loved them enough to absolutely without question give his life and purchase for himself a wife . . . the Church into which he wants them to be born.

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praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Last night I was chatting with a 16 y/o young lady in the Praize chat room. She is a figure skater and has a recital coming up. I said that I thought it would be scary because she would be out there all alone. She replied, "I'm never alone!" What an awesome answer! And of course it was just what I needed to hear for myself. We definitely need our young people, and I find they enjoy talking with me and hearing about my life. Blessings ~ Sarah

revsuz - 6 years ago

Thank you for this series, Jane. Our kids do have a hope, an absolute, and He is Jesus.

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