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Sat, Aug 25 2012 - 11:38 PM

What's wrong with the Gospel today?

The following is said with a lot of love for the Church...


Well it’s been three years (almost) since I last recorded a song I’ve written and I still haven’t got anything new to say through my music. That’s a strange place for me to be in because I’ve always communicated my thoughts through writing songs…


I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading Charles Spurgeon, Smith Wigglesworth and the like and I got a lot out of that, but for me nothing tops the reading or the preaching of the Word of God itself. That was the heartbeat of the last album I did (“The truth of God and Man”) and remains the most important subject (written or verbal) that I can ever communicate or be a part of…


The lifting up of Jesus Christ to a “sin sick” world is something every Christian is called to do. By our very lives we (the Church) are called to point the way to the Son of God in our words, attitudes and motivations. At this point in my life I don’t know if I’ll even do another album but I’m glad God put it on my heart to give my album’s away free of charge…


Now I thank God for raising up a man like Keith Green. I admire his attitude towards God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But as he was going about in his ministry he was worried that people would lift Him up instead of Jesus Christ. We can so easily see books and albums as “Ministry tools” without any regard for the heart (or spirit) of the message they contain. My question would be “Does this lift Jesus up or is it me centered?”


Not much has changed in the thirty plus years since “What’s wrong with the Gospel?” We still take things away and we still add things. The latest catch phrase from “so and so’s” latest “Gospel” song would be an example. They become dry and weak (if they don’t really mean something in “Truth”) just like other man made inventions and traditions. (I will use a quote here) “Traditions die hard, because they take so long to form”. Well so do habits… (But that’s for another time)


My family has recently logged on to facebook for the first time. A friend of mine posted a comment “Be careful what you say as words are something you can’t take back.” But it’s true. What’s in the heart comes out of the mouth. (Matt12:34) Same thing applies with our actions. What God is most concerned about is the heart for all the issues of life spring from it. You can bet your Bible on it...


One thing I’ve found out while on fb! I can be responsible for what I write (or post) but I can’t be responsible for what someone else may write. If an unsaved friend of mine posts (as an example) a profile picture that may be considered offensive, I’m not going to cut him (or her) off from my list of friends just because someone else doesn’t like it. No I’m responsible only for what I say and do in any way I communicate...


And to sum it up I guess that’s my one string!!! (For the moment anyway)


Lenard A Ashton. 



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lenashton - 5 years ago

Thanks for your prayers and comments...

The main point here I was trying to make is that "I don't want to do another album just for the sake of doing another album." It's about what my motivations are in doing so, because if it's not God breathing on what I do (with His anointing) then it's a worthless pursute...

But if God gives me something really worthwhile to say through my music then I'm quite happy to do another album, as long as it's all for His glory...

Lenard A Ashton.

revsuz - 6 years ago

Amen, Mr. Ashton! You could probably find a song dangling from this message! It could even be a message about social media like FB which is so popular at the moment.

I like your songs, King of Kings and I Will Sing, and others.

I set myself in agreement with nomorechains' prayer for you, in Jesus' name.


praizeop2 - 6 years ago

I loved this. I could feel your heart, which was refreshing. I would also like to say, "Welcome home". You have been gone from Praize much too long. I hope you will stick around and enjoy the site. (Check out Catagories for everything available to you.)
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Blessings ~ Sarah

nomorechains - 6 years ago

Well said! I think it was Joyce Meyer who said that words are like bullets. Once they are fired from the gun (our mouth or written words) they cannot be caught and put back in. Words are powerful. May a fresh river of words well up within you and out of your belly may rivers of songs rush forth to bring healing and hope to a dying world. Press on.

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