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Sun, Aug 19 2012 - 09:45 AM



                        Jerusalem-The time of the end

18 But there shall not a hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls. In addition, when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, and then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

These few verses come from Luke 21; 20 and address a particular time in the coming of the Lord-his coming-that’s what it is about. I have been in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement since we moved from the wrong side of the tracks in to town with most of our churches.

Not too many folks came at first because many of our churches were categorized with the simple-minded folks that picked up, snakes and things like that. I remember this little church that my parents went to with my family Pensacola; noise whoa, I mean noise, and if heaven were that noisy, they would’ve had a noise registry.

They used to send the cops into these meetings to arrest some and stop the meetings but that was a minor issue when the cops got saved and got filled with this here Holy Spirit the scene changed drastically.

As I was growing up these scriptures were preached relating the issue to countries like Russia, China and a few others. Well that doesn’t exactly hold true since both Russia and the provinces of the former Soviet Republic along with China are experiencing some of the most dramatic moves of the Holy Spirit since the churches of Acts. The Soviets were defeated in their move against Afghanistan and the US isn’t exactly looking like the knight on the white horse there.

Now there must another hidden truth in these verses that relate to today. I am telling you to think about the Arab alliances in relation to Israel. If you consider these groups Israel has only one small outlet to the Mediterranean Sea and that stays guarded.

The threats against Jerusalem and Israel as a whole are increasing daily, so something of a Biblical nature is certain to break out soon.

Look at something here Israel is surrounded by Egypt and the small independent  kingdoms not allied to the US  in that peninsular, and Iran., Turkey, Jordan and what ever Government remains in Syria. In these surrounding countries there is an iron ring around Jerusalem and Israel from the terrorist groups that have training areas in the country. Israel has with stood these tremendous odds before and will do so again but the bloodshed will be great.

Something else we need to consider beside the famine here in country and what it is doing to our food supply. The sources of chemicals manufactured from food sources of  corn and others grows slim also. Now that we have arrived at this point the cost of living has begun to climb and what will that bring? These scenarios seem to be building to a climax similar to a play a writer might write out.

The famine is world wide as the world appears on the brink of hunger and yet ready to war.

In the central Florida we number 8-10 counties and there is approximately 8-12 million in population and yet that is only about the size comparably to Los Angeles. Here in this area alone there are more than 20,000 homeless and more than 10,000 kids go hungry almost every week that comes.

We are preparing for a climax to this world’s existence, what is it? That is a question that is asked over and over continually and finally the church, the body of Christ is supplying answers.

Some suggestions here!!

The corn shortage will show up before the end of the year as prices skyrocket.

Buy as many extra cans of corn as you can and store them. Remember they have a shelf life of up to 18 months.

If you have extra freezer space buy frozen also because that will keep 6-9 months. Consider any vegetation that is grown by bush or vine and find a way to freeze or store it by can.

Citrus food; Juice it after the first two weeks and oh yes can it also. Fruits and berries used in baking find every preservation recipe you can prepare and do what you can for storage.

All of this may sound silly but you may be in a situation that finds you helping others to live.

There is an end to this and it will come as the church prays and then begins to worship and PRAISE the Lord for victory--Then the BODY OF CHRIST BEGINS TO LIVE UNDER THE BANNEROF 2Chronicles7:14

Read all of Isaiah chapter 59, Psalms 23 again and again. Read Psalms 34 and 35 over and again.

It is time now to begin to incorporate the Word of God into your being every day. I will be suggesting more later.

Pray with us for God to open the door to a new laptop. One that I am considering has both sound equipment and a webcam incorporated and if it works I will be coming live via webcam and audio as much as possible






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revsuz - 6 years ago

I don't consider thios a joke. I have a well stocked pantry that could feed us for a couple of month, should that be necessary, and I tell others to do the same.

Thank you, Pastor, for being forthright with us about the things that are coming. God bless us all.

Pastor Suzanne

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Thank you for explaining the current situation so well, Jim. People need to be told. Unfortunately most that talk about it are laughed at. Oh, well. The surprise will be theirs. The world is ripe for the return of our Lord. Blessings ~ Sarah