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Tue, Jul 03 2012 - 11:11 AM

The Land

I see a land covered with green rolling hills and brilliant Sonlight as far as the eye can see. I see the Son rising and filling the land - eternally. I see the land ultimately at rest. This land is devoid of all darkness and death as well as its author. Christ rides at the head of Heavens hosts throughout this land as its rightful King. This is a land that is finally at peace with its stewards and its Maker. Do you see it?

It is a land where millenniums of strife with God are ended and the Light of Day shines His rays over the whole earth. Never again shall an evil thought exist. The reach of the Light will have no bounds and the hearts of redeemed souls revel in His drenching warmth. This Kingdom is a place where the world is rid of everything evil once and for all, where even the air can finally breathe freely. Can you feel it?

I can you hear the sound of the land at peace with God as the deafening noise of contention is infinitely silenced. The sound of crying is heard no more. The hills rejoice and the trees clap their hands at the appearance of the sons of God. Holy laughter from the Prince of Peace echoes throughout the ages; past, present and future signaling His eternal victory. Can you hear it?

Every affair among its inhabitants is administered by justice and righteousness. Only love rules every conversation and the decisions which affect the lives of all its citizens. It is a land at rest with its inhabitants and its rulers. It is a Kingdom governed by those who joyfully accept every decree of its King and His laws shall continually be in their mouth. Can you say it?

Oh how we must get a vision for this place. It is real, I tell you it is as real as the earth itself. This place exists now and by the Spirit we can see it and live in it at this very moment. Bringing Heaven to the Land.

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