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Tue, Jun 05 2012 - 10:42 PM


Since we have so many new Praize members signing up daily, I thought I would run over a few things:

1) Your content counts. Really, the only reason for you to have a membership on Praize is so that you can participate. And every time you post a blog or comment on a teaching, it helps our ratings. Of course financial donations count as well as prayer if you want Praize to continue… but that is a subject for another day. J

2) Have you ever scrolled down the home page?  At the bottom, you will see all the Category listings (or you can click on Categories at the top of any page) and click on any one of them to see more of that particular topic.

3) In that same area at the bottom of the page you can read our Mission statement, read the Terms & Agreements (which are not long or boring at all!), and see if anyone is in the chat room.

In the interest of your reading time, I will close this with saying: Once you have read the bottom of the page, scroll up to see what else is available to you. And if you have any questions, feel free to Private Message me. Private Messages is found under the word “Teachings” at the top left of the home page. I hope to see you active here soon. God bless.

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jesuslives2 - 7 years ago

Thanks ill be more active as soon as I get my computer back promise :D being on praize on my phone is somewhat difficult but oh such a blessing like youuuuu yep yep I asked every praize member if u are a blessing to them they said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most deffently so ty for keeping us updated

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