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Wed, May 02 2012 - 02:53 PM

Introduction- Another blog about life and recovery

Ok new here for blogging that is.... Today I choose life on life's terms. I must admit this is new for me because I have always and up until a few weeks ago have had nothing but negative people in my circle of life sooooooooo I have decided to try something different and that is to rid myself of the constant bickering. First starting with me and my way of thinking. God's shared with me this week that its good to duck tape the ole lips when needed. I guess since that's what I have been wishing over and over for others to do- I should try it on for size myself. So Lets see how this goes and how me doing things with the direction of the Lord and working his program goes---- wish me luck.  I know he's in charge so now I think I'll let him be!  Christine

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kcollier6517 - 6 years ago

Ok haven't been updating since I've duck taped my lips..Life is just that life. As stated in my first blog people around me constantly complain so as you can see I decided not to complain about it. Today's good my son graduates from high school Wednesday Awesome day!

praizeop - 6 years ago

Welcome! You might be encouraged by listening to Malcolm Smith's teaching here on Praize. I have listened to it hundreds of times to be reminded to exchange my life for His life and not ry nad change myself. God is the one who has called us and He will conform us into the image of Jesus. It is not by our works of righteousness which we have done but it is according to His mercy that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of trying to fulfill the commandments.
Let Jesus live His life out through you by only doing what you see Him do and only saying what you hear Him say - just like Jesus did when he physically walked here on earth.

JIM - PraizeOp

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Hi, Christine, welcome to Praize! You have come to the right place. Here everyone I know is working and praying diligently to become more Christlike. And getting rid of negativity is a big first step! (Second step might be to get rid of the "luck". lol I never had anything but bad luck. Everything good comes from the Lord.)

We have a small group of people that meet in the chat room late afternoons and/or early evening, so stop in and get some encouragement. Also, check out the forums. Catagories are where you see everything that is on Praize so take a look at it as well. And if you have any questions, put them in Forums under Support. And I am usually available to answer questions. So again welcome and God bless ~ Sarah