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Mon, Apr 30 2012 - 09:50 AM





                        Song of Solomon   chapters 1&2


                         Ephesians 2:4----1John 4:7  


The current advertisements on television that uncover the relationships of well known stars that do not in any portray a true image of love. It involves lust which in and of itself can be a sickness of demonic origins. The golfer that indulged in sexual activities and made international attention is prime example of a sickness driven lust. He was having affairs with 3-5 different women while at the same time trying to maintain a marriage. The Bible says be sure your sins will find you out and in Romans, Paul wrote the wages of sin is death. We know from the headlines what this has cost him.


We know from the two New Testament passages above the Bible gives a straight to the point definition of love and anything beyond is just merely deep felt friendship or a demonic imitation called lust. In the field of chemistry the purest form of an element is an isotope. Any unprotected life form that comes into contact with it has to change into its form or be destroyed. Lust is the demonic counterfeit for God’s love in us and is the source for much destruction. Love in the truest sense is of and from God. It is his nature.


Now then there are principles here that must be dealt with and the first is to place the relationships in marriage and give them a proper definition.


Love is a total commitment of the partners to a unity of beings involved in the covenant. The marriage covenant is a bonding of two personalities into relationships for their lifetime. IT MAKES A COMMITMENT OF THE TWO PERSONALTIES INTO ONE.    Reason in Genesis Adam said Eve was now bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. It was symbolic that Eve was taken from Adam’s rib and given life because everything that the woman is from her body to her possessions was not involved in the covenant with Adam. The new Adamic covenant of  marriage was all inclusive of both he and Eve.


I believe it was in Genesis five that God called their name Adam.


Can you now see that when these illicit affairs take place they are stealing from their marriage covenant and there is no other way to describe them but SIN?


The golfer had to go through continual therapy and it cost him more money than some people can image. The price of sin is very high and can be a life stealing moment.


High profile individuals are not immune from this if a definition of what love involves isn’t ingrained into their lives. The Kennedy’s were perhaps the most notable group among those that kept women for the purpose of infidelity and had perhaps the most ungodly form of lack of moral’s known. To have love you must know love and that is to know and have received  the Lord into your life.


Love in the truest sense is of God and can be enjoyed if you keep yourself in line with the Word. Love intends for you to enjoy every form of relationship you can inside the covenant you have with your wife. The Lord is well pleased when you enjoy his provision for you from the word.


Remember that God’s love is the chemical that melds a marriage and causes it to last.


God’s love has to be the foundation for family relationships, friendship, brotherly love outside the family and marriage in the sense that God designed.


The last portion of Roman’s eight is a brief description of the depth of the Love of God. This love that motivated Jesus to the cross was of the father, and it was so encompassing that I believe that he (Jesus) didn’t know the pain in his spirit , but kept it in the body that was sacrificed for you and I.


That body carried every form of pain, sickness and death for us, and bore such pain it is impossible for us to understand. It was exchanged for our needs.



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praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Yes & amen! I believe if husbands knew what it meant to a wife to be able to trust them, they would never stray. My husband is a builder. He is all the time meeting women in their homes. But I never have to give it a thought. And I never do. I'm his beloved and he is mine. :) Blessings ~ Sarah