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Sat, Apr 28 2012 - 08:31 AM

where did the emails go??

To whomever,


WHat happened to the email accounts?  I can't find them anymore.

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milsoleil - 6 years ago

ok thank you I was looking for mine also

chaplaindave - 6 years ago

Better still, I like to suggest that each member fast the cost of one drink (coke, pepsi, water etc...) per month. Let's say one dollar that's $1 or a bill with the picture of George Washington on it. At the end of 12 months donate that to That would be a total of $12. Not such a bad price. Then you will have the knowledge that you are sowing seed into a good harvest and helping to support the website that you enjoy.

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

We asked all the members in the February Newsletter if they were using the
Praize Webmail and we received zero response. In the last 6 months only
672 members used their Praize Webmail.
We informed everyone in the March Newsletter, sent to all member's Praize
e-mail address and their alternate e-mail address, that as of March 31,
2012 the free Praize Webmail would no longer be available. And on March
26,2012 another March Up-date was sent to all the member's e-maill
addresses reminding them to copy and save any e-mails or Contact lists
they wanted to keep as they would not be archived after the Praize Webmail was no
longer available.

There have only been 32 members who have donated since we acquired the
site in June 2010, and only a handful actively participate by blogging,
posting in the forums, and commenting on the Teachings. We have cut back
the Teachings from 18 to 10 to save server space and by dropping the
e-mail we have reduced the monthly hosting cost by one-third.
Let us know what other Praize features you enjoy so we can make sure to
meet all the member's needs. Praize has always been a member-driven and
supported ministry.

BTW, the monthly newsletters will now be coming to your Private Message
box. The next newsletter will be coming out next week. Please click on
Catagories to see all that is now in Praize.

Serving the Savior with the saints,
Jim - PraizeOP