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Sat, Apr 28 2012 - 05:23 AM

Hello, friends!

Hello, friends! I am new to, and I look forward to watching some of their
amazing videos! I might as well tell you some things about me! Laughing

I am a beginning Christian. I accepted Jesus when I was five, and got baptized when I was six, 
but I found myself straying away from God. Just recently did I re-accept Jesus into my heart.
By "recently" I mean as in two days ago. I was browsing the internet, searching "How To Become a Beter 
Christian" when somehow I came upon this website. is just what I needed. Many things on the 
internet nowadays are filled with horrible language, dirty jokes, dirty minds,
and a whole lot of other bad stuff. is one of the few websites out there that doesn't contain any bad things. I have not seen one
person say something rude or just plain wrong. I am so glad that I found This website litterally
saved me from all of those people out there who... have I mentioned this before?

I look forward to seeing you again!

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gotgod123 - 6 years ago

Welcome to PRaize Hannah! hope to see you in the chat room, my name is Alanna nice to meet you!

chaplaindave - 6 years ago

Welcome Hannah,
Welcome to I am Chaplain Dave you'll see me in the chat room and see my blogs
as well. You'll love it here. Have questions? Ask away. There is plenty to see and do on and you'll make many good friends here as well. If I can be of any help then just pm me. I try to cover the Chat room when Sarah is away doing the many things she does to maintain such a fine web site. So check the chat room and if you want to pray about something well we have a prayer room for that as well. Gee here I go rambling. Sorry. Anyway hope to see ya soon


praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Hannah! And you have that beautiful name! And congratulations on recommitting your life to Christ. Your life will NEVER be the same!

Short synopsis: Praize has BEEN for 12 years. I have been with it as a volunteer since the beginning. Two years ago my husband (PraizeOP / Jim) and I purchased it and remodeled it. We try to watch carefully for anything objectionable. Some of the people have been with us a very long time. Some are, like you, newbys. :)

May I suggest that you start by clicking on "Got Jesus" at the top of the page. It will help you to get started with your Christian walk. Then click on all the other titles to become familiar with all Praize has to offer. If you have any questions. you can pm me. And there are people in and out of the chat room throughout the day and a small group usually meets between 4:30 - 8:30 PDT (USA) God bless you. Sarah - PraizeOP2

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