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Wed, Apr 25 2012 - 12:16 AM




Love definitions part 2

Not knowing the symptoms of the cancer my first wife had and the hormones and chemical imbalance that the disease caused I reacted to just about every fit of anger she had. If I had been in the proper place spiritually I could have made sure that she had received a complete medical evaluation. I didn't and allowed the disease to go unchecked. I have had to look in the mirror and face that for several years before I let the Lord control it.

The point being if the Lord were in control of, that, things would have come out different. The reason I say this is to portray to you that situations involving the human spirit are mostly centered in a react-react basis and that means destruction of relationships. In the world counselors will tell you that in the incidents where this happens it takes a miracle to save the relationship.

Where is your vision in this? Is it inward on the things that drive you personally or directed toward what might mean more to your partner in life?

Now some examples of the men that the word of God exemplifies. The first primary example is Abraham. He was a man that walked in fellowship with the Lord and in many phases walked as God's prophet to the, then known world. Abraham did not function as husbandman very much because his life was centered on things outside his camp.

Abraham deeply loved his family but only was not able to communicate it with few exceptions. tHis physical aspects of marriage, he took care of very well as is evidenced by his relations with his wife over Hagar and Ishmael. He when Isaac arrived spent a great deal of time with him. It became evident that his life was compartmentalized as evidenced by his lack of time with the family as a whole. However as a family leader he was able to lead and guide the beginning of a nation. To be a father in a family means to be a part of the family that you give yourself to in the form of seed asking nothing in return.

Isaac in many respects was the image of his father Abraham but gave himself in many respects to his family. Isaac was a man of trust and deeply invested that trust in his family He was only to be betrayed by his sons in the incident with his sons and Joseph in Egypt.

Every major leader up until David had good family leadership characteristics in different areas, but they were not as a whole the epitome of good family leadership. We come to David the man that was to be character of Israel; he probably had the greatest heart after God of any that were to lead Israel.

David could not stay out of sin but he knew the leading of the Lord and was quick to repent. He was to instill the character of repentance in his son Solomon. Perhaps the greatest cry of forgiveness was in Psalms 51. It is probably the one character of his father David that would save him. He too later in life found the joy of forgiveness that would save him much heartache.

In David’s infidelity with Bathsheba that was to produce Solomon, David wrote the 51st Psalm and cried in the passage "CREATE IN ME A NEW HEART" the word for create that was used was creating ADAM AND DAVID CREATE in me a heart that never existed before. DAVID HURT AND WANTED NOTHING MORE TO DO WITRH THE MAN THAT HAD SINNED SO MUCH.

David loved the nation of Israel so much that he asked God to place all the responsibility of judgment on him for his sin with Bathsheba.

This is the legacy that Solomon inherited and brought wih him to the throne of Israel. He had a heart of love.

Solomon’s Song of Songs


Song of Solomon 1

1THE SONG of songs [the most excellent of them all] which is Solomon's.

2Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! [she cries. Then, realizing that Solomon has arrived and has heard her speech, she turns to him and adds] For your love is better than wine!

3[And she continues] The odor of your ointments is fragrant; your name is like perfume poured out. Therefore do the maidens love you.

This is the beginning of the Song with the bride ,the shulumite crying out for his expression of love to her, a kiss in the mouth. She heard his arrival and places value on his love by telling him that it is better than wine.

For the Hebrew wine and it's value was important and she places his love and it's definition to her in the rank of the most important of wines in the country. In verse 3 she says that your ointments are as sweet as the lushest of fragrance and she places their love on a pedestal giving him an idea of his value to her.

The important thing to notice is content of the conversation and that it is positive, and constantly ramping up. Remember in the New Testament that it was said by the writer that out of the abundance of the mouth the heart speaks and there is no doubt left in the position of their two hearts.

The first step ---Does your conversation give life and not the spirit of death?

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praizeop2 - 7 years ago

I hope a lot of people read this. I think most of us could use a good look at our mouth. Blessings ~ Sarah