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Fri, Apr 20 2012 - 05:42 PM



                   THE ELECT AND DECEPTION


Men have placed themselves lately in the position of falling prey to any fraud that comes along. The most prevalent of the victims come from the Charismatic groups and they are losing money by the handful. The Bible says plainly that men would be crying out to God to hurry his return because of the deception of the elect that is occurring.


In Orlando at the current time, the police department there has just lost its third case of abuse in an overly aggressive arrest. What causes that? The obvious lack of fear that felons have and the fact that now with the increasing amount of murder rates with a large number of them being done by local teen Gang members. It is also a fact that most of these local gangs are better armed than the local law enforcement agencies.


Parents not related to a church are being arrested for abuse and neglect on a greater scale than ever. Yesterday an event occurred that has this area in both anger and fear; a young teen mother coming out of a doctor’s office with her 3-day-old baby was shot to death and the baby taken from her dying arms. Yesterday they found two high school boys on a back bike trail burning. They were killed prior to being set on fire, to apparently burn to conceal evidence and today the sheriffs dept. released the news that the killing of these two boys happened because of a $500.drug buy that was not paid.


In the gospels we can find that the writer said when we begin to see the times of Noah with people giving in marriage and indulging in different fleshly gratifications know that Jesus is soon coming. Marriage means nothing now outside the commitment to the marriage covenant of the Bible.


One of the saddest things going on now is that men are beginning to interpret the Bible for themselves leaving a sure and certain time for Jesus to come no longer as a way to go.


The whole crux of the Bible approach is to say that when you see these things happening know for sure that it is time for the Lord to return. The direction that the Bible points in this is that when you see men glorifying the flesh that it is time to look up because Jesus is coming.


One hundred years ago, they were hanging people that were known to be gays or lesbians but I can say one thing we no longer preach against the people but we do preach against the sin.


What are you going to do when as a Christian if you stand against some forms of deviate moral behavior you can be thrown in jail, and you can no longer preach the gospel in many public venues? The white devotion to the Lord and his word is dying and more men are looking for loopholes to escape obedience to it now.


Just as men deny the holocaust of WW 2 occurred they also deny Noah and the flood. The ovens the German had used in the Killings are available to see and Noah’s ark has been found on a mountaintop in Turkey. Today Syria Denys killing its citizens but the killing and shelling of villages go on daily as the world looks on idly. What about Africa and the small backward countries there where some of the larger countries have decided the smaller have no right of existence? The death rates around the desert realm there are running close to 100,000 daily.  How long will God listen to the cries of these peoples when if death does not come by a bullet it will come by starvation?


When after looking at some of the films of what is happening, it is easy to say that these men, captors of several groups are crazed and totally given over to lust and have no appreciation of life (THE SOMALIANS). Read the story of the horsemen?  Maybe they’re riding now?


One more area that I want to say a little about is white slavery and central Fla. Is a very active area for it because of the invasion of the juvenile gangs in here from the north? This area because of tourism makes it a high priority for the slave trade. The main areas that have the most trouble are the central area of Disney and Universal. We also have the Muslim and far eastern aspects here for this.


Their main candidate ( to be taken) of choice is the late teen, early twenties blonde and with fair complexion and they are in good physical shape. We have numbers of young ladies that fit this mold that have been missing for up to ten years without a trace.


What’s the answer to this heartbreak? There is only one and that is prayer in the anointing and presence of the Holy Ghost. In Pensacola and Missouri among others because of the holiness of the presence of God red light districts could not exist in the same townships where the Spirit of God had set up camp. It is a fact that sin cannot abide where the holiness of God is. In the middle east ,there are Muslim mosques turning to the Lord and becoming churches .


Right now I ache for the continued presence of the Lord, the word says that where sin abounds Grace abounds in a much greater measure. David says Lord don’t take your presence from me, I can’t live without it.


If you want to see change get before God continually and dwell in his presence.



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revsuz - 7 years ago

So true, Pastor. There is violence everywhere now, not just in the big cities. Hamlets that once live in peace and without fear are now under lock and key. Even in our small town home invasions have increased. It's nuts out there! People are lovers of self seeking only to satisfy their flesh. It's very sad when a teenager kills someone, then when asked why he did it, says, "I wanted to know what it feels like to kill someone." The devil is very busy in these last days. But it's an ugly defeated foe and it will fall before the Lord.

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Amen, Jim, good word. Here in AZ we did hear about the 3-day old baby that was stolen from the mother. So sad. So stupid. Violence is rampant here. Causes us to pray without ceasing! Our only consolation is that Jesus IS coming back soon. Blessings ~ Sarah