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Wed, Apr 11 2012 - 11:50 AM




In the period subsequent to the ascension of the Lord, the body was now gathered with some fear to tarry for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Why was there fear; because they were in an unknown area in life to them and strictly on the word of direction that the Lord had left for them as he returned to heaven?

To understand what is about to happen you need to pray for understanding and read the story of the birth of the church in Acts chapters 1--15. Whenever you built a house, you begin with a good foundation. The foundation was laid on the ministry of the Apostles as they carried the words of Jesus with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Remember in those chapters from John on the Holy Spirit and his purpose in their lives. He was sent to lift up Jesus in every way in them. Study (Gal. 2:20) for a moment and do you realize that we were resurrected with the same authority and power as the Lord.

Here is the point I want you to see and it is that while this period in Acts and the new church (iglesia) is a birth and new beginning of life in Christ, Peter in the third chapter of Acts in his message, to the bystanders, Spoke of the new life that was beginning


19Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

@Chron.7:14-15--experesses the same thing there must be repentance before the arrival of the Holy Spirit can occur. If the Spirit comes without repentance, the he begins to judge the unconfused sin. Read what is said in John chapter 14 &15 concerning sin and the judgment of it.  You cannot walk in the best of the word without the acknowledgement of punishment for the unconfused sin without repentance.

The following books have been released in the last few years and express what I mean1) Fran. Frangipane -Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God,

David Wilkerson’s last book before his death on America’s last call and finally a book by Eddie Hyatt called 2000 years of Charismatic Christianity.

All as first step emphasize the need of repentance and holiness before the Lord. The basic premise is that you cannot enter the presence of the Lord without holiness.

Before the presence and the power of the Lord will come there must be clear repentance, when the atmosphere is clear of sin the power and presence of the Lord will fill that vacuum. Check out 1Chronicles 7; 14 again- See what the order that passage also. The scripture says that he is God and won’t change.

I was out watching some surfers many years back when I was in Calif. And they were lining up to go into the surf as 5-7 ft breakers were rolling. The flow of the Holy Spirit in this outflow of revival from the Father (Acts3:19) rolls in. It is coming in like the breakers but with each one having just a little more sway to it.

I remember writing a few years back about the flow of revival which at that time it seemed was every where in the Globe but here in the US. Now that it’s here in the US most of what is going on is under the anointing of those that experienced the release of the revival type of spirit a few years back in Europe and across the continents of ASIA AND AFRICA.

Is this the same type of revival spirit found in the homes in the book of acts yes but the movement of the spirit is much greater in depth with the miraculous happenings in much greater quantity.

Resurrection from death is being seen all over the world in but limited amounts. I believe now in our time and as part of this move that death will be totally conquered as part of what Paul wrote in his books. Death hell and the grave would lose their power .That power is now in the hands of the believer and it is yet to be seen what will happen when he realizes that



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onefreemom - 7 years ago

Now is the time for freedom -- revival! Thank you for your message.

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Interesting! Much food for thought... Blessings ~ Sarah