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Mon, Mar 19 2012 - 08:39 AM

Mary's Meanderings for March 19, 2012

Today I received a devotional that had to do with something similar to what I'm dealing with.  It was helpful.  I emailed it to my friend.  Maybe he'll get something out of it.  Relationships are so difficult sometimes.  I don't understand why love has to be so hard.  It seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world to give and receive.  However, it is the most elusive thing in my life.  The thing I need most is withheld from me.  Thankfully I will receive it in full when I leave this world. Woohoo!!  *Grins*  After 20+ years I'm sure there's bound to be a disagreement here & there.  We've survived others.  He's been distant this past year so I'm not sure how things will turn out.  All I can do is pray and wait.

It's raining here today.  The weather matches the sadness in my heart.

Be back Thursday.  Bless you all!

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