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Fri, Feb 24 2012 - 08:03 AM






                           HEALING--HOW DOES IT COME?

In my lifetime, I have faced the devil on numerous occasions and have been able to see what happens to him when you are alive in the Spirit. To face him outside of the anointing of the Spirit of God is foolishness. We have nothing within our DNA makeup that can overcome him and rest assured that he knows that. Empowered by the Holy Spirit the situation is different; it is one that the devil knows he cannot win.

Early in the turn of the 2000’s we seemed to be out of God’s will on just about anything we tried and lost one property after another. One of those properties was defrauded from us by a mortgage company that since has gone out of business.

I remember being up early in the morning and walking the house crying out to God and demanding to know why and blaming him for our destruction.  In the last time, the Lord opened doors for us not only to get a place but made away for us to get private financing and but it is one I am still trying to understand.

Early in 2010, my wife told me that she had a growth in her breast that she needed to see a doctor about. She ended up being diagnosed with Cancer and a stage 3 lump. Going off alone I wept for more than an hour, I could not even blame God because I had to keep an even keel for my wife’s sake. We talked and I told her that I would pray with her from where ever she decided to take a stand by either faith or trusting God for healing through medicine.

I didn’t talk much to her because there shades of the past creeping in, that I had to keep down, since my first wife had died from cancer.

As we prayed and Deb gained peace, she decided to go through surgery and believe for miracles through the doctors. I found out in this process what I was going to be and that was to become just a support to re-enforce her when she felt alone or afraid and just to let her know I was there. When we began the medical process we found that much of the staff that carried out her treatment were believers. We found that the staff in with the different doctors often took time to pray with and for the patients.

The Holy Spirit seemed to empower her from day one in this as she began to continually look to the future and after all the treatment and her healing was complete. It wasn’t that I didn’t suffer in this but I found a new definition of what being a husband is and what being a support meant.

I hope when she has time she will be able to write this out for you and go through some of the details that brought her so quickly to healing. 

The financial end was a burden and we didn’t know how we would pay many of the co-pays the insurance would require. The doctors worked closely with us and for us to phrase the claims so that they would go through with a minimum of co-pay required.

There were gifts from sources that we didn’t have any idea of their being used to meet this crisis. Out of more than 1oo,ooo dollars of expense all but a few thousand has been paid. What you need to see and rest in assurance is that when God becomes involved in a circumstance in your life he will walk you through every situation you may face.


It begins with you and the decision you must make on what you will follow as direction in any crisis you may face.

Are you going medically? Are you going to walk it out by faith ? What do you feel is right for you? I have worked with Hospice on many occasions of terminal illness and have seen patients with a Charismatic or Pentecostal background decide this was just an attack of the enemy and they would trust God and do away with the medical end. Some were healed and the doctors would attest to this but many died early and in pain as they could not hold to their faith.  Believing in the Lord and trusting him for healing is not wrong but in a case such as a terminal illness you must follow the way of peace with God. Remember that ministers, family, and friends are there to stand with you in any scripturally based  stands you might make; but they cannot make your stand for you. The idea is to establish a place of agreement in prayer before the Lord.

You need to re-enforce your place in the Lord with constant reading of the word. THE WORD IS THE BANNER YOU HOLD BEFORE THE LORD TO ANOUNCE YOUR REQUEST FOR HEALING. You need to build up your mind with the promises of of God on your behalf.Then you need to place worship and praise music on so the spirit of the room you’re in reflects on the Lord .

Remember that the Spirit of the Lord inhabits the praise of his people and when your are in a state of worship you are placing yourself in a state of helplessness before God and as in Romans 8 crying ABBA FATHER                                 

If it had been me, in my wife’s situation, I would have trusted God for it and walked away from the medical but would I have been right? I knew I had to support her and in that many things happened that were not part of the healing but the effects that the anointing that she stayed in while the healing process went along was constantly a reflection. She became a witness everywhere she went not because of any evidence that might show from the surgery but because of the outward glow of the presence of God from trusting him.

Ending with this remember if you are healed doctors can prove it with any

Machine that they have, healing that God does is real.---m7th--jm


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stephen0porter - 7 years ago

I enjoyed this today. Thanks m7th. God bless and keep up the good work.
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

revsuz - 7 years ago

Pastor Jim, you sure can turn a phrase to get us thinking and soul searching. I've lost several loved ones to cancer, but I'm believing the curse was broken to the fourth generation back and the my children and I will not get it, in Jesus' name.

Thanks so much for writing this great blog.

justforgiven - 7 years ago

My mom also with cancer trusted her God first then the medical field. God as I see it healed her spiritualy by taking her home. The prayer of faith shall heal the sick...this is the promise I went on during my mom's year battle with cancer...never blaming God for taking her early in her 53rd year but praising God that she went to a better place with no more pain,sorrow or tears.

I love your post jim inspring as they are a blessing.

pastordeb2012 - 7 years ago

Amen Brother, well said... God Bless You

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful post. I agree that it is important that each of us make our own decision. We should not even make it for our spouse. Awesome word. Blessings ~ Sarah