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Mon, Feb 20 2012 - 10:07 AM



                                  LOVE/ REVIVAL

For several months now I have been praying for some insight into revivals and something seems to be wrong with our concept of them. Sometimes I have made the mistake of going into depression because it seemed as if God would not hear me.

I took a look into John3:16 and the first three words --FOR GOD SO LOVED; The writer in away misled us in the way he put that because there are no yesterdays with God as well as no tomorrows. No matter what the date or the time of day --the Bible says God is the same yesterday as well as tomorrow so that automatically means he is the same God right now. Do you know what that means?  God is still the same Father that sent Jesus to the cross for us and they three with the Holy Spirit are the same ones in the same period that brought the revivals in Acts.

What compelled the Father to do all this for us/ The reason that it happened is contained in the definition of the word-- LOVE-- AND WHAT IT MEANS TO US.

Just like most of the explanation of the word faith is contained in the second part of Hebrews 1; 1, the explanation of love is the next three words in John 3:16-- THAT HE GAVE.  Could you imagine a love so compassionate and compelling that you would be driven to give the most precious thing you have to intervene in the life of it.

The father heard the cries of his people and moved to give them a way of salvation and deliverance from all their bondages and if they by faith could accept what he wanted to give them, they would be heirs to all the wealth of heaven, a wealth beyond our comprehension.

Let’s look at something else here; where the name of God orginates:  God’s name comes from a Hebrew word actually a verb meaning TO BE. The verb has no time or tense values in it. If you want express yesterday it would be :to be, if you wanted to express tomorrow it would be -to be. God is the same no matter what.

What people have so much trouble with is that we are living for the same God that reached in the soil of Eden and created Adam, WHY? It was because he craved a creation that would give him the same love he had for them.

  Love is  not an urge to be with a member of the opposite sex for the satisfaction you can have in few minutes together. Love is not anything physical but a measure of the heart that compels you to be united with another’s heart in away that cannot be counterfeited by the world. For a marriage to last it must be within the covenant of the Lord and in his immeasurable love. Being in line with Jesus is the only way to live a life time of love with another human being because only he through the Holy Spirit has the power and authority to meld your love into a unit of one.


The father in the home has an awesome responsibility to fulfill in that he is the line by design that the Holy Spirit flows into the home through. The Lord will give the mother power and authority to be the nurturing center. The Biblical Father in the home should be the worship leader,  prayer and praise leader, provider, and to the wife both the husband and lover.

Let me say this in the times revival is happening in the walls of the home as the father leads, it will be brought into the church in their spirit.

The following scripture came from Acts3:19 from the KJV Bible:

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

The part I want to deal with is : WHEN THE TIMES OF REFRESHING shall come from the presence (face of the father) Lord

The phrasing of that verse is thought to deal with times of revival that would  come and stay for awhile and then leave but there would be time when the Spirit would come to stay. The meaning of times of refreshing is better expressed as the Holy Spirit being an outflow from the face of the father to men

A typical meaning is John 20:22

The Holy Spirit is the breath of the Lord being exhaled upon the people of the Lord prepared for him.



In Saudi one family under the father of the family’s leadership had been seeking God for years and with no pastoral office for them the Spirit of God showed in an ephany to them with heaven and the words of the Lord being given to them in the same sense Mary received the news of Jesus from Gabriel. These appearances have been occurring for years all over the southwestern U.S. to the Indians there . Across the globe resurrections have been occurring where men believe and saints being brought back where men believe. The is something going in the world where men have accepted Jesus as Lord without restricting their faith and they believe if he said it, he will do it.

I have a challenge to you men; go home to your family and tell them we are going to have a revival in this house and it begins with me!!






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revsuz - 7 years ago

Amen, brother! May God gain the victory as men come forward to fulfill their role in family. Men have the uncanny knack of taking one situation and working at it until it's resolved. They are not easily distracted from their course. Can you imagine how unprosperous the devil would be, and how the church would grow if men took their place?

Oh for the days when men were real men and women were ladies!