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Wed, Feb 15 2012 - 11:38 AM


I am struggling to keep up with my blog without being full of disapointment. I want to spend more time here. I LOVE Praize! I miss the friends from chat, prayer forums, and the advice! But I seem to not have time to get here:( That is only one disappointments I have. The others sound like I am continual negitive person. I must do something about that. Big prayers for guidence to my Father for that. I am just not sure on the direction I am being pulled will slove everything, so praying on that as well.

On the positive side, got my hair cut super short again. I like it, easy to care for! 

I wish I could copy and paste in here, I also do not see a spell check, so you are stuck with mispellings, and typings I have within this bog. I am not a great speller and often typing has me hitting wrong keys with out notice. I need spell check:( My regular one I use , does not work here.

Suppose to rain to day, I can tell as my allergys act up, but I took my allergy pill and now I must take a nap, before picking up my grandson. The two youngest are the main reason I am here, they bring me joy to carry on. The baby girl will be 4 shortly, I can not belive that. She is in dance now and is really showing her independance! My grandson is a ball of fire, red hair and all! He is 8 1/2....and loves his grandma! We are very close! Both love going to church, and when I get my car back we will be going to Rainbows and Royal Rangers on Wed nights. I can not wait!

Well that nap is calling me, God Bless You for reading about my dull life. But with sparkles as grandkids...I do not see that, only brightness!

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praizeop16 - 6 years ago

Thanks to both of you. The cut/copy/paste does not work for me, maybe my mackBook??? I skipped over the insert, embedded as that did not sound like a spell check to me. I will get it yet, lol.
Dancing is really becoming to you!!! I am so happy you love it! You are great at it to. I can not wait till I dance again, as I did love it…in heaven I will!
Thanks m7th, your advice is always appreciated!

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Hi, Chris, in the second row under Content, you will see sissors (cut) tow squares (copy) and the paste. In the third row, to the right of the smiley face, is spell check. So no more excuses!!! lol

Our hair has gone their different ways. Mine is longer, blonder, and curly! I will get a pic in one of these days. In the meantime, check out

Hugs and blessings ~ Sarah

m7th - 6 years ago

I have times like thaat and go to the little black book and get a faith pill out of Isa26 or chap 28
Go pray in the language i can'tunderstand and everything is fine