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Fri, Feb 10 2012 - 05:36 PM



                        HOW DO WE PREPARE FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD? Are there signs that cannot be questioned about the time for the Lord?

1ST THING IS TO BE READY! What does being ready really mean?  Being ready means; having done all the requirements from the word to face the Lord when he appears and being righteous before him.


The Bible makes it clear that there will be many misleading ministries now and you have to be close to Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit to discern the right ones from those that compromise.  You must have some discernment in what you see and accept as real. We find the Spirit of God will lead you with the gifting of discernment as you allow him. The word speaks very little about salvation and being right with God or getting saved in this period that eschatology covers, but a greater emphasis is on discerning the misleading elements of hell.

2nd) you need to be aware of what the true indications are that his coming is soon.

Is it all that the teachers and preachers will tell you that is about to happen and cause us out of fear to accept Jesus. Salvation that is fear driven doesn’t last because it is the word of Faith that builds the rock for you to stand.

Are we to look for some altercation between nations? No, although it is a high probability that this will be ongoing in this time. The study of prophecy and the Bible books that teach it is an exacting study in that you must find the truth in their interpretation.  You cannot lean on the teaching of men in this subject because there to many that teach a difference in just about every phase of the end time.

In one teacher’s writing, I was shocked to find out that the millennium period of the thousand-year reign of the Lord has already occurred some time ago. I am not going into the time or circumstances of that period but you must have a peace in you with what you can discover in your study of the word. The next need I would say is to study and then study some more and then take a little time to study again. You see this must be firmly in your heart because sooner or later you will read some teacher who has written a lot of books about this, come a long in teaching something different that what you have found.

3rd The thing I say to most people is to find the way and follow hard after it. The scripture that tells us in the last day men would be saying here is Christ or there is Christ and they will really multiply as they seek to gain large followings. There is a man who has been giving days and time of the Lord’s return and has not been even close yet.

What would be something reliable that we could know when his coming will be?  I ask this question then--How do you know when the fall is coming, is it by the change of colors of the season? The Bible says we can know when to have all things ready by the seasons.

I believe with all that I am we are in a season right now: ACTS 3: 19

  19) Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

In this passage Luke indicates before the presence of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, there must repentance or turning away from your former state and turning to the Lord.

The Lord cannot receive sin in any form and therefore to face this you must turn away from the conditions that existed in you before he comes. When they entered the upper room, it was a repentance period before the Lord entered in the form of the fire.

If you do a little research repentance has been necessary in every occasion where the Holy Spirit fell because the Lord was in the room now. I ask you to read in the New Testament every place where there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for salvation. The second characteristic of these types of outpourings of the Spirit you find in abundance a moving of the Holy Spirit in the miracle giftings of 1st Corinth

Remember in the New Testament everywhere that in this type of outpouring of the Holy Spirit came there were signs that followed to confirm. Another characteristic you will find is an utter craving to be in the presence of the Lord. When in these meetings people are given a chance for salvation and repentance you will see it in old fashion weeping and praying before the


All right now I have given you some evidences of the move of God in the Past but you must know something these are the same characteristics of what will happen today in a real move of God’s Spirit

In verse 19 above there is a phrase that you need to pay close attention to and it is “THE TIMES OF REFRESHING “will be sent from above.  

The time of refreshing are periods when the Holy Spirit was released into the earth from the mouth of the Lord. There is some question about the following; some theologians feel that the Holy Spirit was sent to the earth to stay at Pentecost, while others feel that it was the outpouring of the Spirit that occurred in the 1960’s here in the USA. The only pertinent fact is that release of the Holy Spirit fell into every denomination in that period and went round the world.

If you are aware of the move of God now in the Holy Spirit you know the same sequence is occurring. When you see this look up for your redemption is near. This move of God will be known by the droves of people coming to the Lord and the miraculous presence of the Holy Spirit in the services.

There is a similarity in the history of the Bible and it is that every major event will repeat itself in likeness to the previous events. Another way of saying it is that Old Testament is a type or shadow what will come in the new.

If you want a picture of what is to come study the word. Noah and the flood were tragic events in that time period but even greater is the flood of demonic activity in the present. Both incidents were demonic activity attempting to destroy a move of God.



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