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Sat, Feb 04 2012 - 11:42 AM


Here are a thoughts on the services in Orlando and what might be coming.



I can not put into words what the effect for me personally have been, because it is as if I have been facing in myself many areas where I have missed God.


Even through the television you became aware of God’s presence before the instruments or singers began the service.  The lowest number to have attended was the first night last week. It was like everybody had heard or seen some of the publicity and had come to see what would happen, not expecting the Spirit of God to display himself like this. For my self if the service had been any more I don’t know that I could have accepted it like I did.


Many like, children came back to see what would happen. The Spirit of God was so strong in the next service the preaching was not possible in the move of God’s Spirit; like ocean waves he swept back and forth across the auditorium building to a crest and then spreading across the auditorium as the wave broke. Each time as he crested then spread out, you could watch and in each part of the building people were touched.


The reports came in and as the Holy Spirit at  the same precise moment some one was touched in the attending congregation people across the globe in the international television audience were touched. I told the Lord I don’t understand, but I don’t reject what I am seeing but I don’t understand in your infinite wisdom how you can touch someone thousands of miles apart. I spoke with someone I knew and he reminded me of the New Testament commentary of the man who meant Jesus traveling on the road and told  him of his servant who lay dieing many miles away. Jesus said he would go immediately to the man; but the man said no you’ve only to speak the word and my servant will live.


The servant was touched. I went back in memory to last few weeks and the people who were touched by the written word from the computer that we send out. The Spirit of God is ramping up the intensity of the anointing With each service. In last nights service, the auditorium was packed with over 5,000 people and they were fed. The greatest miracle was perhaps last night as over 1500 answered the altar call for salvation and rescue from some addiction they were bound with. The salvations were real and old time when the people were crying and whaling before God and it came over the television  you knew there was nothing phony about this, and the bondage in the people was broken as they were released from sin.


The time of revival is not over as they will return in March on the 8th and 9th for 3or 4 services.


Some things that have become evident here and they are that this the harvest of the end and the Lord is on the threshold of returning. Your relationship with the Lord will intensify as the time draws near for him to come and you must make time for quality time in his presence.


Being near to the Lord must be precious to you now and it already is to him.


The attacks of the devil will become more intense daily but the presence of the Lord will double anything the devil does or tries to do in the people.


The wave of the Holy Spirit has gathered and the cresting time is beginning to spread out over his people











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praisehm - 7 years ago

Are you talking about the Bay of the Holy Spirit with Nathan Morris and John Kilpatrick? They have been in Orlando this last week. I've been watching it on Godtv... It seemed to be pretty powerful. I've been watching the reruns tonight.