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Sat, Feb 04 2012 - 11:26 AM


I am going to be giving you some highlites of a short time of revival meetings that occured in Orlando Fla.

with a little backgroud first.







I had been a detractor of the God TV situation ever since the fiasco here in Fla. Wendy and Rory Alec the conceivers of the God TV network however have been in prayer and have turned the negative of that situation around.


Now what is happening here and now in the meetings. The meetings have been an evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit that go one step beyond anything I have ever experienced. If you are human you have wondered in the past how much of what you may have seen and been part of is really the workings of an unseen God moving into the affairs of men.


I really am trying to write this so that you can see what has happened and will continue to happen until the work of the Holy Spirit is finished.


When I moved to Central Fla. in the mid 1950’s, Orlando was a beautiful community with about a 200,000 population and mainly focused on retirement. Crime and all the things of the bigger cities was unheard of here.


Gradually central Fla. Begin to grow and with it came all the vices of the larger northeastern communities such as the areas of NYC. Street gangs became a focus in the 1980--1990 period and as part of that the murder rate in Central Fla. Has increased to about two a day in a month’s time. The gangs have quickly begun to encompass all of the Central Florida area. Murders became headlines and it seemed our police forces were outmanned and outgunned in this war for the streets of central Florida began to take shape. The city fathers of most communities began to lose sight of reality and began to bring in gambling, night clubs, and to allow X-rated performances all over the area.


For the last several years people have been fed up with all this and have begun to do the one thing that will combat this upheaval of sin through out central Fla., and that is prayer. Groups have been growing for the last few years and so has the move of God among his people here in Florida.


How can so few people affect the ways of so many? Remember the scripture tell us the Lord has the heart of the king in his hand and he can turn it wherever he wills.


Some one praying in the will of the Lord, (the word) can by the word change the world. Now the drive of the Lord through the Holy Spirit is revival!!! Revival is NOT waking up the saints that is really artificial respiration-restoring life not revival.  Effectively you might be able to say there is a current day version of Ezekiel chapter 37-A CALL TO THE DRY BONES.


  This move in Orlando is a revival in time; I believe an answer to years of prayer for this community that now not only includes Orlando but central Florida as a whole. What ever happens here will go out now to the world because this is a tourist’s center to almost all the world. What will the influence be for several million people across the world, if there is a center where sinners world wide will be paying to come it’s here, then if there is a dynamic presence of the power of God loose in the land many will be reached.


Florida seems to be a central focus in what God is doing right now.


There have been prophetic statements for a long period about what will happen here and it seems we are seeing the birthing of it now at the Calvary temple here in Orlando.

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roundtable - 7 years ago

May God bless Florida, inholding on to God's truth.

m7th - 7 years ago


m7th - 7 years ago


praizeop2 - 7 years ago

I believe Florida is a HUGE Christian battlefield and has been for some time. One could almost say, "As goes Florida, so goes the country". Blessings ~ Sarah