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Thu, Jan 26 2012 - 08:01 AM

The little things...

It amazes me how much the little things can affect us in life. How the smallest things can mean so much. Last night I was looking forward to spending my birthday with my parents. Mom called last night to tell me we'd be eating at 3 because my father made plans to go to a game. I realize at 46 this may seem odd but, I never had a very close relationship with my father. Over the years my brother hasn't been part of my life at all and lately dad has been leaving holiday and family dinners to go do something else. Today in particular it hurts more than ever. When I was in volleyball in school my folks never came to my games. Yet, dad is going to go watch his neices ball game today and leaving right after we eat. I've been in his life for 46 yrs. and he wants to go sit and watch a ball game of someone he really doesn't know for a brother who doesn't really love him. Since becoming a Christian I lost all my friends and I can't share my faith with anyone I know too much because I don't even have any Christian friends. Around here the only time the Christians will be your friend is if you're going to their church. Outside of church, they don't bother with you. So today I'm reading a devotional that says this:

"Here is the thing you have to acknowledge. Whatever you have given up, hasn't God made it up to you? You gave up a few friends. Hasn't He given you better friends in their place?"

I honestly would have to say no. So, I don't know if this is something that's coming yet or what. I'm hurt and confused. The only good thing is that He is always here to comfort me when I'm lonely or sad like this so, I know I will feel better. I just have to deal with today.

This is partly why I come to these message boards. It's nice to have others to share my faith with and fellowship with a bit.

Thanks for being here.

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MaryPankratz - 6 years ago

4everhope...I'm not allowed to chat in the library but, thanks for the invite. *Smiles* I just want to put yesterday away and move on. Anyway, thanks for the support. God bless.

4everhope - 6 years ago

awww ty for shareing u not alone i meant some really wonderfull people here on praize site that lifed my faith if u like to chat with us we are in chat room at 6;30 PM easten time come in and make some christian friends there i am sure u be please i had a friend that but me and i neaver left so please come :)

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

I think birthdays and/or family are two of the most difficult things anyone has to deal with. One of the problems is that people (and people includes parents) make a LOT of mistakes. That is why I am SO grateful that Jesus took all of those and paid the price. Nevertheless, we still have to go through the hard times.

I know you don't have a computer, so you can't watch him on Praize, but you ARE in the library... :) Get some of the books by Merlin R. Carothers. He is a beautiful, wise, elderly man. He is one of my favorite authors. Then spend time with Merlin and Jesus today. It might prove to be a memorable birthday after all. God bless ~ Sarah