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Wed, Jan 25 2012 - 08:09 AM


Hello to everyone at Praize. I live in the state of Kansas. Tomorrow I will be turning 46. I cook in a nursing home full time and I pop into the library on my days off to get on the internet. I found out about this site through a book called The New Rebellion which I picked up in a thrift store. Pretty amazing where a thrift store purchase can send you. *giggles* Anyway, I've lived here my whole life. And I think I've been saved for 10 yrs. now. And I'm so very thankful that I am. God has made a huge difference in my quiet little life.

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MaryPankratz - 6 years ago

Thankyou all of you. I appreciate this.

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Happy birthday, Mary! So happy to see you participating here! May the Lord bless and keep you! ~ Sarah

MommaD - 6 years ago

Happy Birthday Mary

nomorechains - 6 years ago

Welcome to Praize and I hope you love our little community as much as we do.

praizeop16 - 6 years ago

Hi Mary, welcome to blogland! I just resumed my blog after a many year absence. I look forward to reading more from you:)