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Thu, Dec 08 2011 - 09:44 AM



                                                       IS IT TRUE?


                                CAN I STAKE MY LIFE ON THIS?

King James Version --Numbers 23:19

19) God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?


Have you ever had an urgent press upon your mind to seek the Lord? Every where you read you find an expression of God in the manifestation of the anointing in men’s lives; so why not mine? What is it going to take to have that anointing(touch of the Lord) in my life.


There have been request’s for prayer that we have earnestly sought God for and there has been no honest presentation of the presence of God, WHY?


Is there a way into the presence of God  and receive the authority needed to move this attack of Satan? I meant there is a way -THE CROSS!




The enemy we as Christians face is one possessed by a level of hate that it goes beyond our ability to perceive.


When all of this is thought out it becomes evident that the Lord has provided for us in all of our need just by the weight of his word and promise to us.  This in order to defeat us the devil has to destroy every facet of this thought or he is defeated automatically by our rising faith.


Where is the problem then that would keep us from receiving the reality of what he promised to us? In the verse above if we are to take anything as truth; then we must bear in mind the word that he has spoken that is already established as truth. The verse begins with God is not a man that he should lie, God does not have the problem of flesh and so to lie is not a problem that he deals with. He simply doesn’t have the ability to speak out a lie!!!


Where then do we have a problem? That makes everything he has given into our mind and thought process truth. Why hasn’t it occurred to us then? It is simply because we have not received it into our hearts as heaven sent truth.


The deeper we go in this it seems that our nature is constantly controlled by that small degree of doubt.


By doubt what do I mean?  We know the scripture, we know the things from the past that that have occurred, we know all of this but still we doubt and can’t deal with the question will he?  To put it a little better can he do it for me? Thousands of Christians die yearly in doubt about things spoken to them from the word of God because they can’t receive it as positive unquestionable truth.


They must find away to ingest the things of God as unquestionable truth. The things my earthly father spoke to my brother and myself as children  we had learned to accept as done and only had to wait to go get it on the day he sat aside. If he said it he would it. Now why say all of this? Dad was military 200% and his discipline taught him to value truth. That was what brought him to Christ ,the stress upon truth.


Now if I could rely on Dad’s word that much how much more could I deposit the word of God into my spirit’s bank  and count it as done.


That position comes in prayer and study and then becoming so hungry for reality in God that you won’t let him go. It’s not hungry for answered prayer but just hungry for relationship. Answered prayer is almost automatic if you let him know you as you get entrance into his presence.






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