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Tue, Dec 06 2011 - 06:29 AM

Out Of Bethlehem


Out Of Bethlehem
God in the flesh
Father Son Holy Spirit
Incarnate blessed
Emmanuel, God with us,
... Born to be remembered
In God we trust

A miraculous conception
Birthed from above
Signed and Sealed
By the Father's love.

This day we remember
What the prophets foretold
Out of Bethlehem
A Savior is born.
Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
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revsuz - 6 years ago

Lisa, this poem is lovely. May I put it on my Christian web site for this season, please? You can check us out at Sarah knows me too, if you want to check me out with her.

nomorechains - 6 years ago

Loving you and the fact you are back here on Praize. Have you much on my mind today and will continue to keep you bathed in prayers for healing and financial blessing. Thanks for your comment on FB and I do love you so!