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Mon, Oct 17 2011 - 12:27 AM

Praying For Those People Who Get On Your Nerves, And Dwelling in Love!

Happy Monday, Praize family!  Today I want to talk about dwelling in love, and praying for those people who really get on our nerves( lol).  I have a friend that I have been jealous of for years( no,me, a Christian, jealous(lol)?! She's not really a close friend anymore, but we used to be best friends when we were younger.  The Lord blessed her by having her be born into a very wealthy family.  She is very carnal and all she cares about is flashing her wealth around and living the good life.  In other words, she is very shallow.  She had an abortion when she was 18 because she didn't want to disappoint her parents and make her family look bad.  Even worse, she was carrying twins.  I am not trying to air her dirty laundry, all I am saying is that she seems to be happy with her wealthy life, and that is all that seems to matter to her.  She is no longer my friend because I am not rich enough, and the last time I talked to her I told her I was getting food stamps.  I'm sure, as you can imagine, that was appalling to her.  I have emailed her several times on Facebook, and she has not emailed me back, even a hello.  The other day I was so angry in my spirit because she posted all these pictures on her Facebook page from her summer travels and what not.  I was jealous because she has all this money that she never had to work for, and she really hasn't suffered very much in her life.  I know that jealousy is a sin, so I asked the Lord to please take that feeling from me.  You know what he told me in my spirit?  He said that I needed to pray for her!  She does not know the Lord, but still, the Lord cares for her, and He wants to have a relationship with her.  She is not willing, because her money has blinded her.  The Lord wants me to let go of my anger, and my jealousy, and that fact that I have suffered so much while she was fed with a silver spoon and gets to travel to Cancun and what not.  I never realized how much my jealousy was hurting me.  But when we don't dwell in love with all people, we are the ones who remain hurt, not them.  I needed to realize that God has a plan for her, just like He has a plan for me.  And I can help the Lord fulfill His plan for her life by refusing to be jealous, and refusing to judge her.  I can help the Lord fulfill His plan for her by deciding to truly love her with sisterly love, and praying for God's will to be done in her life.  I have been guilty of coveting.  I gave it to the Lord, finally, and I just feel a peace in my soul now about it.  I have been jealous of her for years, practically since I first met her, 18 years ago!  I am so glad to be delivered from that jealousy! I sometimes wonder why it seems like the richest people are the ones who do not honor the Lord.  But God loves them too, and we have to remember that.  God knows what He is doing, and money is not the principle thing.  I am so grateful that I have a relationship with the Lord, and there is no amount of money that I would want in exchange for my relationship with God!  Thank you for reading my blog, and if you feel moved, pray for my friend who is lost in the deceitfulness of riches and doesn't know or care to know the Lord.  Our prayers are powerful, and it is God's will to have a relationship with everyone, that all might be saved!  I love you all!-Amenti

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revsuz - 6 years ago

God bless you, Amenti,

It takes bold courage to admit faults in our lives. It takes great strength to speak of them openly and publically where they can make a difference in other people's lives. Thank you for being a brave princess of the kingdom. I pray your friend will come to know Jesus as well.


jolanell - 6 years ago

You truly bless me as you listen to the convictions the Lord sends your way. He has given you a message and a ministry that you friend, with all her wealth, could never have. As Praizeop2 said, you are far richer than your friend. I will join my prayers with yours that she will come to know the Lord so she can fulfill the ministry He has in mind for her in her circles of acquaintance. I am also praying for God's abundant provision for you. Our Father is the King, and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the wealth of every mine.
Love, hugs, and blessings!

nomorechains - 6 years ago

All I can do is echo Praizeop2's comment. I am reminded of the story in the Bible of the rich man who when told he would have to give up everything to follow Jesus, the man walked away. Oh, how that must have broke Jesus' heart! Blesseings!

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

I understand your "feelings". I do. But you are SOOOO much richer than she is. We cannot put a value on what you have. It is priceless. Yes, you are walking through this period of hardship, but remember it is ONLY a "period". It will not last forever. Seek Abba's purposes for it in your life and embrace them. You have already done so with your "friend" here. If you had never experienced this situation, you would not have grown in this area. You are in the process of becoming more like Him. And that is accomplished not by you changing, but by you allowing Him to live His life out through you. There are three steps to salvation. (1) Jesus as Savior. (2) Jesus as Lord. (3) Jesus as Life. Think on this. God bless you, lil sis!

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