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Fri, Oct 14 2011 - 01:32 PM

Uganda Missions 2012 | Will You Go?

Last summer, Believers World Outreach took a mission team of individuals from across the U.S. to minister in Uganda, Africa.  One of the missionaries, Charity Deane, was so moved by her experience there that she was compelled to share her story with CNN in this first hand account:

"This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Uganda, Africa. I spent a few weeks in the cities of Jinja and Entebbe, on a missions trip with Believers World Outreach. Every day, we traveled to slums, villages, and islands on Lake Victoria. We made friends, brought food and water, taught about sanitation and about Jesus, and volunteered in schools, prisons, and orphanages.

Each day, I spent time searching for the perfect moments to capture: expressions, emotions, and cultural experiences. I want the world to see what I saw there. And, more importantly, to be inspired to reach a helping hand themselves.

One particular island we visited, called Makusa, is smaller than the size of a football field. It is crowded with up to 300 people, living in tiny huts crammed next to each other one after the other. There is no bathroom structure, no running water, no well, of course no electricity, and hardly any grown food. The men fish for life, and use small, weathered banana boats to travel between islands and the mainland (photo of this island above).

The children ran to us everywhere we walked, calling us "Mzungu" (white person), stroking our skin, and clinging to our arms and legs. Children seemingly outnumber adults 10 to 1. They walk the streets, playing or working. It is not uncommon to see small children carrying around even smaller ones - babies taking care of babies.

In most places, sanitation is a stranger to the people. The slums are filthy, smelling of waste and garbage, which is made worse with the humidity and suffocating heat inside their huts. Many children are naked, or wearing ripped clothing that is often too large for them.

Jinja and Entebbe are just two cities inside a country that is starving for economic growth and political rest. It is a place of hunger and filth, but it is also a beautiful place. Many of the people are full of love and joy, and their lives illustrate a contentedness and patience that we Americans could only hope to imitate. They have nothing, but many of them live as though they had everything they need. The reality is both inspiring and convicting."

-Charity Deane, 2011 BWO Uganda Team

Believers World Outreach invites you to be a part of transforming lives through Christ in the nation of Uganda.  Summer 2012 is YOUR opportunity to make a difference, Will You Go?


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