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Thu, Sep 29 2011 - 05:24 PM

Choose to be Happy!

We must make up our own minds that we are going to be happy!  God cannot do this for us.  Sometimes we can allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with some burden that we haven't given completely to God.  We need to give it to God, and then let it go.  We need to choose that we will feed our mind with good, sound, healthy, expectant thoughts.  We must expect good, if it is ever going to come, because everything we receive from God operates by the law of faith.  If we can't imagine things getting better, they won't!  God gave us our mind as a tool to create the life we desire, and He gave us His word to let us know that He is always with us, in everything.  It is up to us to think on the pure and lovely things, as the apostle Paul wrote.  It is up to us to allow ourselves to feel good.  We don't have to be emotionally distraught, no matter what the situation. Yes, feeling sad, or being in a funk, is okay every now and then.  But ultimately, we must choose to believe what God says- which is that all things are working for our GOOD!  If everything is working for our good, then why torture ourselves with worry, fear, and sorrow?  We could be happy right now, if we would just decide to be.  There is so much to be joyous about. We have the greatest God in the world!  We have a savior that died for us!  We have a sun. We have a moon.  We have flowers.  We have sports.  We have poetry.  We have nature. God's presence and power can be seen and found in so many things.  God cannot move you into your season of blessing if you will not cooperate with your thoughts. Feed your spirit and mind with the food of positivity that it really needs, not thoughts of fear or negativity. I love you all and I pray this has blessed you! Remember, you can do it!  You can make your mind and emotions YOUR SERVANT, instead of it being the other way around! -Amenti

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nomorechains - 7 years ago

How we see the world around us all depends on where we choose to set our eyes. We can look at this situations and circumstances of our life and see dispair, fear, hopelessness OR we can....
"turn our eyes upon Jesus,
look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
in the light of His glory and grace"

Was blessed once again by your words of encouragement and hope!


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