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Sat, Sep 24 2011 - 06:25 PM

What Is Stopping You From Being Positive?

It isn't always easy to be positive in the world that we live in.  It seems like so much is wrong.  Every day that we wake up and face the world is a victory for us.  Every day we are learning, and growing, and becoming better, more loving and forgiving people.  We are being conformed to the image of Christ.  Christ in us is shining bright and healing a hurting world.  God is in control, and believe it or not, many wonderful things are actually taking place in the world every day.  We must decide to be positive, and not go by what our eyes tell us.  Our eyes can inform us that we are living in a world of pain, injustice, and sorrow.  But God doesn't ask us to take on the burdens of the world.  The Lord does that for us.  He carried everything at Calvary, and the world has been safe in His arms ever since.  I really believe that we must focus on cultivating joy in our lives, and enjoying ourselves.  We must decide to think in a way that keeps our Spirit fed, and uplifted.  The way you choose to perceive the world really matters, and makes a difference.  We must take the focus off of the world, and others, and place our full attention on ourselves and the Lord.  How can we be better?  We must constantly ask ourselves this question.  How can I be the solution, instead of just wishing for a solution? How can I contribute to my inner peace?  What is it that the Lord is seeking to accomplish in my life?  Am I afraid to just surrender everything to Him, and be happy?  We don't have to hold on to the pain from the past. This is a new day, and God is doing a new thing.  He has plans to prosper us, and enlarge our territory, and make us the head and not the tail!  We are the key.  We have to become the people that we were created to be, and it starts by deciding what we will and will not allow ourselves to think.  There is peace in the moment.  Learn to appreciate your moments, your life, and who you are. You are unique and valuable, and nobody can take your place. God has special work for you to do in His Kingdom. Trust your God, and do a little digging to find the gems within yourself. They are there. Don't stand in your own way.  Let go of what has been stopping you from choosing to be positive, and ask the Lord to help you in all the ways that you need help.  Many times, it is us who is the problem, and the Lord can only give us what we desire when we decide to get us out of the way. You are loved, and blessed- believe it! Peace and love. -Amenti

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nomorechains - 7 years ago

Your words are so encouraging and uplifting! We do stand in our own way far too often! Was so motivated by your blog today! Blessings!

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Thank you for being here, Amenti. You are an important part of Praize! We do have a choice to see ourselves with our faults or with the Lord's forgiveness. You are helping us to see the good in ourselves and in all around us. God bless you!

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