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Thu, Sep 15 2011 - 11:07 PM

God's Covenant of Peace

Isaiah 54:10

"For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My COVENANT of peace be removed."

We have a COVENANT with God, an eternal Covenant that will not and cannot be removed. If you have trusted Christ to be your Savior, that means that you have a relationship with God that provides many things to you. First and foremost, you are granted Eternal Life. But while you are here on Earth, you have a right to certain privileges that other people who do not believe in Christ do not have.  God is your Daddy.  You have a right to believe for and ask for miracles, fully expecting to receive them.  Other people do not have this, because they do not serve the God of miracles. If you need food, or housing, or comfort, or anything at all- whatever your need- we serve a God who WANTS TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR NEED.  The Christian walk is not easy- there are alot of demons who are not happy that you are part of God's kingdom.  But in this war that we fight every day, there IS a God who abundantly provides.  We must trust God to do the Impossible.  We must have unwavering faith, and trust God, regardless of the Circumstances.  God is not limited by appearances.  The appearance is that you don't have enough money, or your child is far from the lord, or someone you know needs deliverance and hasn't gotten it yet.  The truth is that God has ALL POWER in His hand.  His covenant of peace shall not be removed, and in that Covenant is all that you need to live the abundant life.  God has His eye on you, and His kindness is flowing over you and into your life.  You can rest in His Covenant and have peace now, regardless of your situation.  Never believe satan's lie that God cannot meet your need. Stand strong in the Lord, and remember that He cannot lie.  If he said His Covenant of peace cannot be removed, believe it!  God bless you all, my sisters and brothers in the Lord. Lots of love.- Amenti

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praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Amen & amen. Today and in these coming days, we need to hear more and more Words like you have just written. It is GOOD that you are here. God bless. Sarah

blessed2b - 7 years ago

Only believe, only believe. All things are possible only believe. Thanks for your reminder~~Debby

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