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Tue, Sep 13 2011 - 06:04 PM

God Can Give You Breakthrough!

God is good.  I really believe that He always provides us with what we TRULY need.  Alot of times what we think we need is not really what we need. It's all about choosing to trust God- choosing to believe that He knows best.  Surely the God who brought the 10 plagues on Egupt and parted the Red Sea can deliver us in our time of trouble!I want to trust God- really trust God so that no matter what happens, I will know that He is with me. I want to trust Him so much that I don't argue with Him about what He is doing in my life. The Lord loves us perfectly. We have a part to play in our Destiny. But we must trust God even when things look bad. God will never forget about us. He wants us to be happy and live the Abundant Life.  Even if everyone else were to abandon us, the Lord never would.  We are not perfect, and even still, He loves us just the same. He knows every little detail about us, and how to bring us what will make us happy.  A couple years ago I was living on $666 dollars a month from the Government. Yes, it really was $666.   Never mind the 666 connection, it was extremely hard to live the abundant life on such a tiny monthly check. At that time I thought I needed more money. Sometimes I would be starving because my food stamps didn't cover enough food.  I thought that life was hell, because I was also going through a horrible depression, and it was hard for me to do anything because I had such low energy.  Flash forward 4 years, and things are totally different!  First of all, I  MADE IT THROUGH!  Things were so bad, but praise God, He is faithful!  I used to have to live with roomates and almost all of them were very difficult to live with.  Now I have more money coming in, so that I can afford my own apartment, no roomates!  I am not depressed anymore-  I have my days or moments when I feel depressed, but it is not like I am struggling with a monster anymore- because that is what depression is- a massive cloud of darkness, a massive black hole that sucks life from your mind and Spirit.  All my bills are paid for.  And, I now have enough to tithe 10% to God every month.  I struggled for 3 years, but last year, the Lord gave me breakthrough and I've been living  in my own apartment, with more money, ever since.  I hope my testimony can inspire you to know that whatever you are facing, God has a plan, He will get you through, and He loves you! God bless you all and I love you!


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blessed2b - 7 years ago

Praising God for all He has done in your life. An awesome testimony!! Thanks for the blessing today~~Debby

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