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Sun, Sep 04 2011 - 12:46 AM

The Faithfulness of the Lord

God is really blessing my son, Tyler.  I only get to see my son once a week because I don't have custody of him, but I saw him today and he was so happy.  He's had some struggles since I have been removed from being a bigger part of his life, but all I ask God to do is just be the same Savior to him that he's been to me.  My son is thriving now, and he is just becoming more amazing and emotionally healthy every day.  I have been pleading with God because the last few visits I've had with him something has happened to upset him.  I pray blessing for my son every day, and he is my focus.  If God never did anything for me but just take care of my son and be his PROVISION, that would be enough.  I feel the great work that God created me to do was to give birth to my son, and I honestly feel like  I have fulfilled most of my spiritual mission and destiny already.  There is always more glory to look forward to with God, but I know that to give birth to my son is one of the primary reasons why I was born.  When God blesses him, He is blessing me.  It is so good and nice to see God answer your prayers.  God has been so faithful to me and my son and nobody could ever tell me that there isn't a God,  because I have been through too much and I have seen how He always comes through, especially when you don't realize that you need Him to come through. You may thing everything's fine, but then trouble comes unexpectedly, and you see the salvation of the Lord and how He works it out for you! We have the privilege of calling on the One True God Jehovah, who is our provider, our banner, our peace, and the Father of Mercies. I pray that tonight you all find yourselves safe in His arms. Love and blessings to you all.- Amenti

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nomorechains - 7 years ago

As a mother and grandmother, my heart goes out to you. I echo your words and your love for your son. We serve a God who is fully able to go above and beyond anything we could think or imagine. Yes, our God is faithful and nothing touches His heart like the prayers of a mother. Press on and keep believing...For our God is Faithful...AMEN!


m7th - 7 years ago

What you have experienced is his nature and his Grace is extended through his nature. Study his nature,his names and his mercy and you will know the intimate side of the Lord. when you do this you will know what God is doing as he does it.
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blessed2b - 7 years ago

Praising God for the blessings he is pouring into Tyler's life and for how blessed you were in seeing that. I have a grandson that I only get to see once a week for a few hours when I pick him up from school for his dad. I cherish the little time I have with him and try to make that time special. I pray just as you do for Tyler. I'll be your sister-joist in lifting both Tyler and you up in prayer agreeing with you for him. God is faithful and knows so well what a relationship between a son and his mother is. Isn't that so wonderful. I work with many women who have expressed the same thing to me. This helps me to key into that and to offer the same support. You bless me each time you post with your praises and your focus on our Father. Keeping your mind stayed on Him will keep you in that perfect Peace that comes through on your posts. Love you~~Debby

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