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Thu, Sep 01 2011 - 08:21 PM

The World Doesn't Offer More Than God!

I want to do my best for the Lord.  I want to be led by Him, and I want to have fellowship with Him.  Today He told me to "Press into Him".  There is really nothing we are called to do but love Jesus.  Out of our relationship with God stems all of the other things we are taught to do. If you really love God, you will want to love your brother because you know that makes God happy.  Of course we are never going to do things perfectly, but God looks at where our heart is at.  I am not sure where the Lord is leading me right now but I am doing my best to dwell in His Presence.  I used to think that I needed more money, or a husband, and then I would be happy.  But I am starting to believe that the life I live as  a single woman with very little money is actually better in many ways because I don't have those things.  I have finally realized that the love I receive from Jesus is worth more than any material possesion or person could be.  I would like to have a husband, but I don't need one like I used to.  I don't need more money- I can be happy with what I have because I have JESUS! Hallelujah!  God will always provide for me- this I am sure of. I am making many changes in my life, and I am seeking to glorify God in all that I do.  I am seeking the Lord and I am doing this without feeling the condemnation of legalism- of trying to win God's love by my actions. I am active in my life, setting goals and making plans.  The difference is that now, I have a heart that is feeding off of God's love.  I no longer think the world has more to offer than God Himself.  God is good- if you are troubled because you feel something is missing in your life that only the world offers, do not despair. God has given you ALL you truly need- HIMSELF!!  Love and peace to you and yours, and thank you for reading!-Amenti

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blessed2b - 7 years ago

Looking forward to His promises being fulfilled in you. Just thinking of the scriptures in Psalms 37:4 and Isaiah 58:14. Be sure you share more of your testimonies as it happens. Love in Him~~Debby

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Your blogs are always SUCH a joy to read. I am SO glad that you are here at Praize and that you are blogging. I hope your are watching (or listening to) some of the videos because they will encourage you and help you to mature along your Christian walk. Keep on loving your life and appreciating all that He is giving you. God bless. :)

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About: My name is Amenti Nicole. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart about 12 years ago. The Lord is soooo GOOD and I just want to praise him all throughout my day. I love my Jesus and I am very grateful that this website is here. Add me if you want to make a new friend who truly loves the Lord and Savior of the Entire Creation, Jesus Christ!

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