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Sat, Aug 20 2011 - 08:01 AM


THIS PAST WEEK THE COMMUNITIES of central Fla. were hit hard by the death of Pastor Tims. People have either wanted to judge him gulity of the things said of him or call for forgiveness if there was sin there.

In approaching some of those with the most to say,I was met with anger for expressing that He,his family and the church family deserved our most heart felt prayer during this timeof grief.

Guilt and the assignment of guilt has no place here and playing with judgement of sin could bring you face to face with the Lord because only one can pronounce him guilt or innocent and welcome him to heaven and that is the Lord. The weight of one misplaced word however can be the weight that pays your ticket to hell. Despite his (Rev Tims) reputation for sin still what he did for this community that no one else accomplished speakes volumes for him as a servant of the Lord. So many people have so little good to say for him,but yet isn't it good to know ,months of sin  can be changed in one heart felt moment with the Lord. (Research King David)

To  often the church has chosen judgement over forgiveness and the Love of God. Isn't it good to to know one moment in God's presence changes a life of sin. The church body of New Destiny needs our prayer and intercesation and for the anointing of who ever goes into the pulpit as leader.and for all the ministries they have. After more that 20 years of ministry it would be frightening for me to enter there without the presence of the Lord.

To continue to judge Pastor Tims at the point would bring personal judgement. but prayer and uplifting the family could do so much. My thoughts are stay before the Lord for the body and leaders and leave it to him.


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blessed2b - 8 years ago

I liked Jesus statement to the accusers, "Those without sin, cast the first stone." Personally from what my dad used to quote, "Judge not lest ye be judged" and then he would talk about walking a mile in someone else's shoes. He believed that if we had to live the life of someone else, we would make the same choices, mistakes and foibles. He also used to say that when we point a finger, three are pointing back at ourselves and linked that lesson with the people who were trying to get a splinter out of someone else's eye with a beam in their own. It is easy to think we know so much from our limited perspective, but when we pray for true Wisdom and are taken up to view things from His perspective, we can only see them through His Love. That is the ultimate answer in His direction to love our neighbor as ourselves. Thanks for you thoughts~~Debby