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Sat, Aug 06 2011 - 07:57 AM


Question: Have you ever wondered if God was real

? I’m a married man, a grandfather, all of the stuff that goes with that, and about two months ago my doctor asked me when was the last time I had a heart cath. Not being first in line for the courage of the year award, I kept stalling him. It finally came down to the point that I couldn’t stall any longer. So the cardiologist scheduled the heart cath.

The day came for the procedure, and now if you’ve ever wondered if the devil is real, have something like this come up and watch him try to do a number on you. It was with great trepidation that I went into the prep room, and I reverted to the dress code of the Garden of Eden. I watched, wide awake, as the nurses and technicians prepped me for the procedure. About then, I began to wonder where God was, since He was supposed to heal me by this point.

They gave me the sleep stuff; didn’t matter, I stayed awake. The only thing was, I couldn’t feel any pain. The cardiologist started the procedure, and I got a look at the monitor every once in a while, and as I was doing that, I relaxed. Pretty soon, before I knew it, they came up to me and started wheeling all the equipment away. The doctor came around the corner and told me I was getting ready to go to recovery. He told me I was all right, but that they had to put two stents in me. Two of my major arteries were almost completely closed. He said that if I had waited a few more days, a heart attack could have caused my demise.

See what fear can do? I was wondering where God was in this. The stents that they put in completely opened all the arteries, and as long as I do the right things to take care of myself…including eating a proper diet…I’m OK. I wondered where God was, but He was never lost. He was just doing what I had asked Him to do. And I kept letting the fear blind me. In those few minutes, as the revelation of what happened came over me, I was aware of all the prayer that went up. I could even hear certain individuals and the words that they used in the back of my mind.

As I lay there in the recovery room, I couldn’t help but weep as I heard the two words that the Holy Spirit spoke inside me before all this started. It was simply, “Not yet.” No matter what you face, if you come to the point that you realize God’s alive and real, there’s nothing from this earth, because of your covenant with Him, that can touch you.





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blessed2b - 7 years ago

I work in an ICU and care for patients everyday who have stents placed and open heart surgery. I also recently had a book recommended to me by a doctor which impacted my plans for diet. I adopted the diet suggested after just a few chapters of the book. It is called the China Study and I recommend it to you. I had always read books like the Back to Eden diet along with many others, but as I have a strong history in my family of many types of illnesses and I believe that God has given us tools here on Earth to help us, I read on. I am blessed that as you went through this procedure and all of the emotions that went with it you still trusted God and listened to the still small voice. I think you were overwhelmed before and possibly didn't hear the voice saying, "fear not" which has been echoed through many scriptures, but you did hear the last two words. Your blog makes me think more of some of the things the Spirit has been sharing with me today. Thanks for sharing and may God bless you on your road to healthful living~~Debs

praizeop2 - 7 years ago

Jim, thanks SO MUCH for this testimony. I laughed all the way through it. Some readers may not understand why I would laugh, but I know that you understand. :) You know, this is MY testimony too. He DOES hear and answer MY prayers as well.