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Sat, Jul 30 2011 - 03:47 PM


I was introduced to this concept bloggers have created called a meme. Basically, a group of bloggers will write on the same topic and post their blog’s link on one of the blogger’s page. My friend invited me to join the meme she’s involved with called “A 2 Z For U & Me.” They go through alphabet once a week and the topic is chosen by the letter. I’m giving this a go at it. I’ll start with last week’s letter K.

Kiwifruit is my helpful fruit. In theory, eating 1-2 a week keeps away my foot/cramps (upon thinking on it, it may not be cramps, but neurological). Whatever it is, it’s a stinging pain and if I don’t get my kiwi, I have pain for two days. I had looked up the nutritional facts on the kiwi to see what keep the pain at bay. I discovered kiwis have over 300 mgs potassium, a bit under a banana. Potassium helps with cramps! Kiwis are a superfruit (debatable), with twice the vitamin C than oranges, and contains vitamins A & E. After oranges and red wine, kiwis rank next in antioxidants.

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praizeop2 - 7 years ago

A VERY interesting blog. I will be watching your future ones to see what you have to share with us. You know, we have a Health section here at Praize (under Catagories). I am in the process of updating it. BTW, those are my favorite scriptures also. :)
I wonder if a meme could be posted in a forum?

AmySparrow - 7 years ago

Ooo, I like Kiwis. An Australian friend introduced me to an easy way of eating them. I used to try to peel them, but now I just cut them in half and scoop out the yumminess with a spoon. I should eat them more often. Potassium is good for a lot of things.

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